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6 Technologies Which Will Make You an Ideal Frontend Developer

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There is huge demand for front end developers everywhere. So most of the students want to become a front end developer. Even though there is high demand for frontend developers, lack of skills in-demand frontend technologies is keeping aspiring developers away from promising opportunities.

These are the major in-demand technologies/skills you should have to become a frontend developer.

Let's begin with theBasic

Skills like HTML 5/CSS 3, Javascript, jQuery are the basics of front end development. These skills are first step to get into front end development. Javascript is used to create and control dynamic content on web applications. Jquery is use to speed up the Javascript tasks. All the front end begins from these skills.

But only these are not going to design spellbinding websites. If you want to land a job you should upgrade according to latest demand and future trends.

Javascript frameworks
From here, the real development begins and these are famous for actual job listing. Very big organizations like netflix, flipkart, amazon, microsoft and many more, use these frameworks for more efficiency, easy access and for organizing codes. Javascript framework helps to speed-up the development. Javascript frameworks has become quite famous for front end development. .

These popular frameworks have prebuilt scripts and functions, and help to perform various functionalities with a single click. These are some of the advance frameworks of Javascript.

1. Angular.js

Angular is a complete open-source client-side framework. It is the best choice for creating full structural websites with perfect modification. (Create, Read, Update, and Delete)CRUD and web applications.

Concept behind it is that it is an extension of HTML syntax and used to do complex coding easy. It follows MVC pattern. It is also well-renowned source for Unit-testing, mock testing and end-to-end testing.

It has reusable components routing options, 2-way data-binding options. Works Systematically, that is why Angular.js is better than other JavaScript platforms.
To create a single page or medium type web application Angular.js is helpful.

2. Vue.js

Vue.js is an advanced JavaScript framework. It is simple, flexible and easy to learn for beginners. It helps you to plug into one specific server-side application.
Vue uses an HTML-based syntax. Developers can use HTML to work with Vue’s templates.
It has separate templates of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. By using vue.js you can bind HTML, CSS and JavaScript data altogether in a lean way. It also has an inbuilt interactive system and core libraries. By which you can scale data from front-end to any get-to view part.

Vue.js is best framework for beginners.

3. React.js
Fast, simple, scalable and use for building user interfaces. React.js is used for incremental implementations. It is flexible and declarative. React can be use as a base in the development of single-page or mobile applications.

It is an complete MVC JavaScript library and acts as a code modulator. It is best choice for developing high-performance, fast single web application.
Backbone.js consist of six components- Model, View, Collection, Events, Routers and Sync. It can also be used for building desktop and mobile apps and simple website. In comparison, the main drawback of Backbone.js is it is slow and debugging takes a lot of time. All in all, Backbone.js is lightweight and easy to use. For this reason, it becomes very popular framework from the last couple of years.

Other than these advance frameworks, while you are at the basics, you should learn the following frameworks.

5.CSS frameworks
Semantic UI, Foundation, Bootstrap, Pure, Skelton, spectred these are most demanding CSS frameworks. These CSS frameworks helps in simplify the task. Add one or some of these to makes front end development more creative.

6. CSS Preprocessor
Preprocessors are helpful to speed up your CSS coding. Preprocessor adds an extra functionality to CSS to keep our CSS scalable and easier to work with.

These are the things that real employers are looking for in frontend developers. To land a job as a front end developer learn some top of these top trending skills. More popularly, top tech companies around the world look for these skills in frontend developers. So learn these if you are looking for high growth and handsome earning as a frontend developer.
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