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A Special Sort Of Software Design Pattern

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For a programmer that has several years experience alway know some of Software Design Patterns. e.g. Singleton,Prototype,Facade,Decorator etc. So great we have so many kinds of methods that can solve many huge of problem that is occurred in ours’ code of Business Application. Those are may large involve in code level methodology. Those kinds of Software Design Pattern is hard to handle if you haven’t actually implemented in your problem. I will introduce another kinds of ones that are easy to learning and using.

In my mind that every things in software industry can be called Design Pattern or it’s a another trick way of writing if those can reduce repetitive work. So apart from standard design pattern many companies have their own Design Patterns. Maybe they have another statements. The notion isn’t important, whether can be useful is the key point.

From some time past I has been found some methodology is very useful and important.
  1. Need to product some documents and UI prototype to deliver to programmer after finished requirement analysis. No matter how short of time to deal with your project, or using Agile development, you alway need to product those kinds of documents. but the document isn’t need too big or high quality.
  2. Writing down haven’t understood question list, and clarify it as soon as possible. You can make some comment the question which it had clarified one by one. It very clear which one you haven’t finished. also it’s a aid and facilitate you to understand the whole skeleton of Business Requirement.
  3. The programmer need to product a document that describe how to implement those Business Requirement using some software technology. It’s used to calling Detail Design. But that is produced by programmer themselves, and it’s not need to view by others.It’s unnecessary to write more detail if there is not enough time, but need to cover all of functions that may be just only use several words to comment. This document may records all of changes of Business Requirement.
    So you can review this document frequently after deep mind in some of code implements. In my experience so many programmers need to spent more time to reminisce those things and many of them may loss some of functions after coding, or they run around to get those original missing functions.
  4. Writing unit test. Need to writing meaningful parameters those will help you debug your functions quickly. You just only view that Green Bar can know all of your functions. After a long time if you want to test your functions to fix problem, just only need to change several parameters. The unit test code is prefect codes and an another kind of document to improve your performance.
  5. Writing log as much as possible. Yes so many log output will effect performance of your program, so your avoid to writing all of things into log, especially whole xml file or using toString() to print all POJO variables or big chunk of parameters. We can use some personalized mini description content to instead.
  6. Remember some of short-cut key of your IDE. In this move forward high speed world, deep dive in your IDE maybe nonsense, no one know when your gun will be discarded by this world and when a advance one will emerge. So we just better to controller the 20% key skills that can solve 80% of real problems. But remember some short-cut key is a big investment for your work output.
  7. Closing some need’t computer hardware functions. e.g touchPad, Some kinds of computer’s touchPad is difficult to control, that focus will change to an unknown place if you careless to touch it, but those kind of things alway happen when you coding, you need to reedit your thing repeatedly.

Those special sort of software design pattern are too simple, but is very useful to ours’ action. As our experience increases, we will find some ways that can be reuse to reduce repetitive work, that maybe just suit to you or your company or is suit to all software industry. Too summary those things that can reduce your workload is also a Design Pattern.
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