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Laptop fingerprint scanner working with

Hi everyone!

I need to create an app to interact with my laptop fingerprint scanner, for my university project. What should I use to write software for my fingerprint scanner? Any libraries, API, etc. I use lenovo t480 laptop, OS: Ubuntu Linux. There is a fingerprint scanner embedded in it.

lsusb shows my fingerprint scanner as Synaptics Metallica MOH Touch Fingerprint Reader.

I want to process fingerprint -- get, store and check -- programmatically, with code on Python, C or C++. If someone provides me information about:
1) how to programmatically interact with my laptop fingerprint scanner
2) what API or libraries (python, c or c++) should I use
it will be ideal :)
Mar 23 '21 #1
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Lenovo t480 laptop.

This might be contingent upon if the operating system can see it and access it. Not just detect that it is there, but use it. If it can, then search for how the operating system accesses it.

Or, separately it might be contingent upon if you have UEFI anywhere on you laptop (anywhere on it).

If the current OS can not use the fingerprint scanner, then install the original version of the original OS on the laptop and work from there. I expect that the scanner might have an infrared heat detector that detects a finger near to the scanner then takes one or more photographs of what is in front of the scanner. Then a program parses those images into pixels and analyzes those pixels.

If you can override the infrared detector and activate the scanner's camera, then you might be able to use the fingerprint scanner to take pictures of who and what is in front of the laptop any and all time that it is on. If you have UEFI on your laptop then you might be able to run it without the operating system even booting up and take pictures 24 hours a day wherever the laptop goes. To work, to the bathroom, a clothes changing room, to a special secret meeting, etc. It was put there to take pictures automatically.

Tell us how you are doing with this.

I would expect C or almost any version of C++ to work with this.

You might have to study how UEFI actively spys on systems and users by design. There are many versions of UEFI and many are manufacturer designed. They should not be too complicated to work with or replace with your own version.

If your question is to learn how to stop the fingerprint scanner from spying, then I think that the best way is with a soldering iron and/or at least wire cutters. Same with some other things that are on the t480 and other similar laptops.
Mar 29 '21 #2

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