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Software development methodology questions

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Im a student and in preparation for a testIve been given the test questions (or thereabouts, they may be asked in different words or from another perspective).

I've been told that they do not require long answer, short punchy bullet points are fine, and I guess to justify your points too.

So since I got up this morning in the UK for the last 3hrs Ive done some resarch and come up with a set of notes/answers.

Remembering this is an academic test and not real life they are asking for typical answers i.e. what people beleive about the waterfall even though it may be a myth.

The questions and my notes are below? Can someone indicate if they seem logical and correct? Also add any more points they think relevant ? Thanks Rob (Back to the study after a nice cup of Tea!)

Question 1. Discuss Ways in which methodologies contribute to the quality of software.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

* Provides methodical guidelines to adhere too, some stricter than others.

* Suggests which processes, tools and techniques to use at each stage to improve the quality of a software development effort.

* Some methodologies promote reviewing of each stage of the development process to ensure there are little or no errors, contributing to the quality.

* Every methodology has a test process put in place, testing is vital to ensure a quality product to find and correct any failures.

Question 2. Discuss Ways in which methodologies (Software development ??) contribute to the project management of the software product
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

* Methodologies can detail who should be doing what and when, some methodologies are looser than others though.

* They promote the interaction of business and user base or business to business during investigation, review and test/inspection stages which then feed into the project plan.

* They can aid in providing the time plan the deadlines for a project as some methodologies recommend time limits for each activity.

Question 3. Compare and contrast waterfall and agile methodology
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

Waterfall Pros:-

* Ideal for project where’s requirements are set in stone and unlikely to change.

* Strict rigid sequential steps to follow, enforcing discipline

* Apparently cheap to introduce.

* Ensuring design and requirements are complete before coding ensures no time is wasted on coding.

Waterfall Cons:-

* Not suitable for most modern products where customer wants a project delivered in a tight deadline and isn’t sure exactly what he wants.

* Not flexible, sometimes you have to think outside the box.

* Not much emphasis on face to face customer communication.

Agile Pros:-

* Provides constant feedback from user base therefore ensuring you reach your goal to satisfy the customer.

* Deliver work fast, limited but workable software can be delivered quickly, whilst in the background the software can be finished.

* Very tight learning feedback loop allows for quick discovery of optimal solutions

* More enjoyable to work with as less documentation and more ‘doing’

Agile cons

* If you offer customer base the flexibility of changing requirements at any point they may take advantage of this and change them.

* Intensity of work can lead to burnout.

* Perceived there is a lack of documentation compared to the waterfall methodology.

* Could be considered you need higher skill leveled of staff or those with a different outlook to work on agile methods i.e. harder to find the relevant staff

* Contract is often verbal; have to put trust in customer.

Question 4. Compare & Contrast paper based prototyping and software based prototyping
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

Paper based is:-

*Cheap to produce

* No technical skills required (business skills would be though)

* Multiple people could work on same area i.e. whiteboard, pieces of paper.

* User base could visualise the end product.

* Unable to show the same level of interaction details as software versions.

* Best suited to smaller projects as not as time efficient in producing large scale projects.

Software based prototyping

* Relatively cheap to produce (we examined visio & powerpoint so much cheaper than producing cut down code versions)

* Technical skills required to operate software

* More difficult to work in a team as maybe only one computer available. Haven’t forgotten use could use network and share files etc..,

* User base could visualise the end product, though would look sleeker using computer design techniques.

* Software prototyping can demonstrate user interaction.

* More time efficient than paper based.
Nov 14 '07 #1
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It is against the Posting Guidelines here on TSDN for you to post your assignments here. It is even more ridiculous for you to think that we would provide you the answers to your "test" questions.

If we provided them for you, how would you ever learn? If a doctor skated through college by having someone done all the work for him, there is no way I would ever go to him as he would know NOTHING!!!

Please do your own classwork!!!


Nov 14 '07 #2
108 100+
Ok thanks.

I didnt simply ASK for the answers without putting any thought into the set questions.

I had also asked for the opinons of others regarding my answers.
I did research them and still working away and involving other students too (a group effort).

I dont perceive asking for others advice or help cheating.

They arent the test questions they are more like sample questions.

Nov 14 '07 #3
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Allow me to ask 2 questions about software development.

I read an article about a product is using 'Reused from Library'. What does it mean by 'Reused from Library'?

And one more is Ported software. What does it mean by Ported?

I would be grateful if someone can share an example of them. Thanks a bunch guys......

Dec 6 '07 #4

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