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Apple VS Microsoft

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well, i always had this question in mind...
i posted it on many forums but, people did not reply because, they did not find it interesting... (it was not a technical one)

now that i am in the right place with you geeks, i wanted to see that "Products" you would prefer and WHY....

1. Windows OR Macintosh (please give details why)
2. I-pod OR Zune...
3. Windows Server OR Mac Home Server
4. Apple I-Tunes OR Windows Media Player 11

thankyou for your time.... (in advance)
this is what i think..

1. I LOVE windows because, i really do like the environment.... before Vista, i was sticking to BOTH mac and windows but, after Vista came out, i was stunned by the amazing graphics and mostly the core mods, that Mac coundn't even THINK you getting.. like....
a. Arial View
b. Buttons (icons AND buttons)
c. Layout of the OS.. (structure)
d. internally built security features

i also like windows because, you can actually do more that "just" digital media stuff... un-like mac's which all you can do is "make images, etc..." but, I've never herd of a person working on "digital" pictures 24/7 all day... i mean in windows, you have about 5times MORE software than you have for Macs..... and if you could notice, some websites DON'T work on Macs... i think THAT really stinks because, Mac's are NO-LESS THAN $900 now.... and you can't do 1/2 of the stuff you can do in Windows..

but when it comes to Virusses, you shouldn't blame it on the Microsoft..
it's US user's fault... we are the once that create those visusses... so, i beleive that even if my computer gets stuck of something happens, i will never blame it on my OS... and i think there is a possibility that the risks of installing virusses have been lowered due to the Vista's In-built security features...

2. I have 2 I-Pods and I love them.... but, i just got a Zune last week..
I was stunned by the features Zunes have and I-pods don't..
here is one i find Extriemly Interesting...
you can WIRELESSLY transfer songs/movies/etc... from Zune to Zune... with out any wires...
and the most advantage of unes Open when "Micrisift Surface" comes out..
also, the Zunes have a much bigger HD capacity...

3. Deffinately Windows Server......... If you are a Geek, you should know the advantages...

4. Deffinately the Apple I-Tunes...
i have give this up to the Apple this time because, it's a different evolution of software design.. although i have seen that Win-media player 11 has gotten MUCH better than the before V's..

i just like i-tunes because of it's User-Friendly playlist and stuff.
i had to dig-around a lot to use the Win Media Playlist..

** Laughs **
i don;t think you want to post as much as me because, this might scare "soft" people away..

Happy Posting :)

Disclamer: Please feel free to express your "opinions" here but i don't want to see this thread started of mine to be bloody with Quarreling... again, these are just OPINIONS so, don't feel dissed or someting..
Oct 3 '07 #1
2 2026
169 100+
come on guys.. no one to express their preference ??
i was so hyper to read the replys..
Oct 4 '07 #2
Shashi Sadasivan
1,435 Expert 1GB

I used to blam MS at one time.....i was a kid....
But then if you do see how microsoft approches software development is different, and practical.
Unfortunately by the time they get to make their OS much better, they are ready with a new generation of OS.

Anyways....because of making everyone use it and making it easier to develop app's on it, it got its advantage.

i have had 2 iPods, dont think i would shift to Zune unless i loose my iPod. But i havent yet held a zune. Thoug the wireless thing is cool, MS are in the race to eradicate piracy, and the wireless transfer has limitations i belive. And with piracy being eradicated, you know what could happen to people like us.

I also found that iTunes gives a better sound reproduction than windows media player. and definitely stores your songs in a very logical manner.

After jumping into .Net from C, i have started to like this environment a lot. Guess they are getting bigger and it would be sensible to stay in here for the moment.

Regarding viruses.....isint it a rumor that even anti-virus companies spread viruses to force marketing??...an area which is very much grey.

10% of Apple is still Microsoft :P and they would rather stick with low production trying to keep themselves limited and exclusive. Thats how they seem to fulfil their apetite.

every OS is great, just depends on what you want to use it for. Desktop is ruled by MS, backends by Unix/Linux and the rest.....(if any) Apple.

Oct 5 '07 #3

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