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Is Vista replacing XP or Not?

14,534 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
When I bought my new system a couple of months ago I actually paid extra to have XP Pro installed rather than Vista. Apart from anything else most of my clients still use XP. Eventually I will have to partition my system to allow for Vista to be loaded as well (I have a home licence) just to test compatability.

I've also noticed we are getting more questions from members who are having problems on applications when moving them to Vista.

I would be very interested in the opinions and experiences of this community on this issue.

BTW, can we just accept that Linux is the best thing since sliced bread and keep this topic purely on windows?

Mary (digg it)
Sep 28 '07
92 7977
1,247 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
I got two words for this: Vista *****! (posting guideline don't allow me to type the second word, but every negative word is suitable) I sure hope updates and sevice packs will help, because it's really getting on my nerves. God, I'm so glad today Linux Kubuntu finally arrived!

Yarr Of Doom
Oct 1 '07 #61
16,027 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
The only experience I've had of Vista was installing and setting up some software on a client's machine. It was not as easy as I would've liked. The permissions issues were a pain.

One problem was how slow it was to perform basic tasks. I thought I'd unzip using the built-in OS utility/feature. It took absolutely ages. What on earth was it doing? In the end, I just downloaded an unzip program which took no time at all.
Oct 1 '07 #62
627 Recognized Expert Contributor
I would stick with XP on the corporate level for a while although laptops running Vista Business are ok as they have valuable encryption options and higher security for mobile users.

I have been working with Vista since Codename Longhorn came out then Beta 1, Beta 2 and RC1 and RC2. Once the first release came out I started loading it onto my home machines and test machines at work and I have to say it was a real pain in the neck at first but after several updates from microsoft and better, faster hardware I learned to appreciate the new MACOS like OS. Today I am beta testing the Vista Server edition and I am very happy with it. I am looking forward to SP1 for Vista and later SP2 as well as SP3 for Windows XP =)

By the way as much as I hate to say it I love Microsoft because if it wasnt for them I would not have as many people complaining about their computers and I would not have nearly as much business =)


-=Windows & Networking MOD=-
Oct 1 '07 #63
14,534 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I will eventually have to load Vista on a separate partition for testing and compatibility issues. I have a home licence but should I invest in a business licence? Is there that much difference?

Also, what's the issue with multi-user Access databases and vista? There seems to be a problem.
Oct 1 '07 #64
181 Recognized Expert New Member
I work with Win2K both at home and at work, and I donít see any reason to replace it yet (itís like engineers say Ė donít fix something thatís not broken :)). I donít need all that graphic features of WinXP, and I like to have full control on my system. Maybe Iím too conservative ?
Oct 3 '07 #65
169 New Member

-=Windows & Networking MOD=-

you seem to be interested a lot about the Upcoming Windows stuff.. OS's...

Win Vista SP1 is officially known as Windows Fiji and is hoped to be released on December 2007 if not, sometime early 2008

and Microsoft's Operating System of 2011 will be Windows Vienna...
which experts say that it will totally change the generation of computers...
Oct 3 '07 #66
5,058 Recognized Expert Expert
I work with Win2K both at home and at work, and I donít see any reason to replace it yet (itís like engineers say Ė donít fix something thatís not broken :)). I donít need all that graphic features of WinXP, and I like to have full control on my system. Maybe Iím too conservative ?
It sounds odd, but I was fooling around with 3D rendering a while back, so I set up a rendering machine on Win2K thinking it's lack of all things pretty would give a small performance boost.
But, in reality, XP out performed Win2K in every test I did. Sometimes stuff that would render in a minute in Win2K would take only 50 seconds in XP.

This left me thinking that MS did not only make WinXP look better, but also perform better.

Unfortunately, Vista does seem to work slower than XP. At least while you are running Aero.
Oct 3 '07 #67
1,247 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Microsoft's Operating System of 2011 will be Windows Vienna...
which experts say that it will totally change the generation of computers...
They always say that.

Yarr Of Doom
Oct 3 '07 #68
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Microsoft's Operating System of 2011 will be Windows Vienna...
which experts say that it will totally change the generation of computers...
They always say that.

Yarr Of Doom
It's true though, ...
A new generation of computers will be needed to run their next OS :(
Oct 3 '07 #69
169 New Member
i know, they DO say that but, the official date will be like 3years after that..

but, I will be waiting for the new OS's..
Oct 3 '07 #70

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