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Is Vista replacing XP or Not?

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When I bought my new system a couple of months ago I actually paid extra to have XP Pro installed rather than Vista. Apart from anything else most of my clients still use XP. Eventually I will have to partition my system to allow for Vista to be loaded as well (I have a home licence) just to test compatability.

I've also noticed we are getting more questions from members who are having problems on applications when moving them to Vista.

I would be very interested in the opinions and experiences of this community on this issue.

BTW, can we just accept that Linux is the best thing since sliced bread and keep this topic purely on windows?

Mary (digg it)
Sep 28 '07
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So I am a Mac user at home and a windows user at work, but I was planning to get a windows OS on my next Mac just so I can switch back and forth faster. I was assuming that I would choose vista, but this discussion has made me questions that.

When it comes to compatibility and moving programs from one OS to another (or from one version of an OS to another) I have never understood why Windows is so far behind. Yes, Macs can't run software designed for windows, but my mac can run anything designed for any old mac OS and and even Unix without any kind of special add-on. Is it just shoddy coding that makes Windows programs not forward compatible or Windows OS not backward compatible?
Shininess is proportional to bugs...
This wouldn't explain why Macs have been shinier and less buggy than M$s for more than a decade. :-)

Sep 28 '07 #31
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Getting back on topic, I would take issue with a number of posters who basically follow the line that if M$ are pushing it (which they decidedly are) then it will inevitably pull through to be the main Windows OS.
Anyone remember Windows ME?
It 'replaced' Win98SE (a thoroughly solid and efficient OS to my mind - various things wrong but good for its time) but fell flat on its face. It was a cr*ppy OS and had gone in fundamentally the wrong direction.
I believe Vista may well go the same way. M$ are soiling themselves with worry about this and are pushing as hard as they can so it's possible that it may push through in the end, but to my mind it's still in the balance.
With some useful security enhancements (at an operator cost of having to understand this a lot better or almost everything is blocked) it has introduced a lot of sexy new 'detritus'. I don't know of any System Administrators who are looking forward to working with it.
In short, almost all users wait some time before upgrading to a new Windows OS. I believe Vista will cause most of them to wait longer than they have for all the other Windows OSes.
I more likely scenario (IMHO) is that a newer version will be released to replace it without all the negative memories and after M$ have done a lot of work ironing out the cr*p that should never have got in there in the first place. Then M$ will drop Vista like a dead rat.
Sep 28 '07 #32
9,735 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Anyone remember Windows ME?
It 'replaced' Win98SE (a thoroughly solid and efficient OS to my mind - various things wrong but good for its time) but fell flat on its face. It was a cr*ppy OS and had gone in fundamentally the wrong direction.
I believe Vista may well go the same way. ...
I was thinking about the same thing but didn't mention it because it's still to early to tell if Vista is really all that bad.
Sep 28 '07 #33
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
If there is one thing different it's that ME went quite quietly. Vista is being pushed harder so everyone is getting to hear about the good and the bad. It's just unlucky for Vista that the good is so heavily outweighed :D
Sep 28 '07 #34
1,356 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Yes I think Vista will be around for a while but I wouldn't be surprised if they make some serious changes and try to get us to buy the next release.

I have been thinking about purchasing a copy just to keep up with things. Personally I like XP and I don't like all the hype about Vista issues. I remember when Windows ME came out, well I almost bought it. Fortunately for me one of my clients gave me their original disk and they reverted back to a previous OS. I didn't care for it and it didn't impress me, it also didn't hang around very long from what I remember, I only know a handful of people that even tried that OS. That said I will probably buy it when the first Service pack comes out only to find out that Windows Vista SE will be following shortly. Oh wait everyone got upset when they used that SE extension for the 98 second edition. Hmmm lets try to think like Microsoft. O.K. lots of people have XP and like it Vista isn't doing to well lets call the next release Vista XP we can dumb it down, remove a few features, make it look more like XP, but you need to know where that check box is and probably a couple of registry entries that you can't access or you don't even have, then tell them it is much faster and MS will laugh all the way to the bank.

Now for Linux or wait it is Linox, my wife hears that word and her mouth is off and running (usually with my checkbook) she can tell you all about it. The only thing is once she starts rambling you finally realize she is talking about Linox (Fine China) and not Linux.

Enough rambling for now, thats my story and I'm sticking to it.
Sep 28 '07 #35
1,764 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
If there is one thing different it's that ME went quite quietly. Vista is being pushed harder so everyone is getting to hear about the good and the bad. It's just unlucky for Vista that the good is so heavily outweighed :D
Perhaps they know that without extremely good marketing it will pass just as ME.

Now every newer product has Windows Vista compatible sign on it.

Sep 28 '07 #36
3,406 Recognized Expert Specialist
I didn't think that my mac rant was really off topic, although I might not have explained myself well. I meant to say that one of the biggest issues in my mind is backward and forward compatibility. I believe that is the biggest reason that all mac users use the latest OS available (that and they are more likely to spend for "cool gadgets" like the $600 iPhone) and PC users don't. The reason I'm not updating my PC OS right now is that I am not sure that my old software will run. But I don't have that worry for my mac. I know that either a new OS will be backward-compatible enough to run my old stuff, or my old software is forward-compatible enough to run on a new OS. I can even go to the library and check out 10-year-old software for my kids and as long as it was compatible with an old version of MAC OS, I can still run it. Is that off-topic?

For me that's the big issue. I don't think "how you set system settings" matter that much to the common user, and experienced users know enough to figure out the new ways.

Sep 28 '07 #37
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Point taken Jared.
I was simply conscious of the OP's original request to avoid rants about other OSes so the focus can be kept on Vista (the question). If your rant was relevant to that then I see no problem with it.
It's not like me to be too quick to judge (Oh rats - there I go lying again!)
Sep 28 '07 #38
3,080 Recognized Expert Specialist
Due to the fact that Vista is being delivered on new computers, it will penetrate eventually, but I hope it will be slow.
Vista is one step further in the "Big Brother is watching you" scenario. The other week I couldn't download a free MS sample as their "Genuine Advantage" server was down and they accused me wrongly of having an illegal version of XP installed on my laptop.
I'm afraid that MS is going to integrate this scenario more and more in their software and finally will implement a "pay per use" model.
Thus everybody is paying them to use software of a quality most people wouldn't accept from a car manufacterer. Ever seen MS calling back and repairing an application not functioning according the specs? Nope, the stupid MS customers accept "buy the next release that's not having this flaw anymore, but a dozen of others".

Sep 28 '07 #39
14,534 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Hi everyone,

I have submitted this thread on digg.com so if you are a member please go ahead and digg it.


Sep 28 '07 #40

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