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files on my new flashdrive

I recently bought a flashdrive, just a cheap one from the dollar store, 16 gig, nothing fancy. I loaded a file onto it to print off for later and when i plugged it into my computer, there were three or four other files on it aside from the one that I had loaded. Now, I am what you may call severely technologically challenged, but I thought that the only file I should have seen was the one I had put on there? There was one labeled samsung something, which none of my devices are samsung devices. When I opened the folders there was a different code in each folder and one was in chinese I guess, it was asking my if I wanted to translate, but when i selected English, nothing happened. Anyways, my question is this, are there supposed to be other files on a brand new flashdrive if I did not upload them myself? If not, what are those codes for???
Mar 16 '19 #1
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Well, to be honest I have never experienced anything like that with any of my flash drive. I have used Sony and San Disk but never found anything extra other than the files I put there.
Also, I have seen this video https://youtu.be/26fN2ANjQNs?t=315 , where there is a file present already. I guess, it may happen when you buy stuff from different sources other than the official one.
I would suggest to format the drive and scan it with an antivirus before proceeding to do anything. Also, you can always refer to their customer support for any query. They can explain you the things much better.
Mar 16 '19 #2
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@dev7060: I do not think the dollarstore is giving much 'customer support' (but I might be wrong)

I have seen some software on an USB device. It was some software to encrypt the contents of this drive. I did see it as an 'extra' feature., but I never used it.

If you do not trust it, always format the (usb-)drive
Mar 16 '19 #3
Thanks you guys. My concern is that my boyfriends phone appears to have been hacked somehow and it IS a samsung, but im not sure how any files from his phone would have ended up on his flash drive when the phone hasnt been connected to any of the same devices. Weve gotten him a different phone ans set up all new accounts but that doesnt seem to have helped anything. Im not real sure what to do or where to start with all of this.
Mar 17 '19 #4
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well - i think the issue with the flash drive and the phone seem more to be 2 different issues to me. i bought drives as well where some software was stored on - and it was little tools for backup-help or encrypting content on the device as was told already. i never use such and format new drives right away out of paranoia not using software that i dont know where it comes from.

having said that - of course you could construct a scenario where a hacked phone can have something to do with such. imagine, for example, your phone is connected to a pc for loading - it basically has the chance to communicate with that device - if not a 'load only' option was chosen - then the device does have access to the pc and/or the pc has access to the device - depending on how the security settings are, there is a potential to corrupt either device that way.

if anything is transfered from the device - may it be over usb, bluetooth or cloud - it is a potential risk - since what is transfered can be corrupted and thus can corrupt the receiving device as well. Same goes for anything transfered to the device - over the mentioned ways or from the app stores or any other sources.

a hacked account is usually a much worser scenario - since if an attacker gets access to a user's data in the cloud and is able to corrupt the data there - this can lead to an 'infection' of anything that has access to that data - since the nature of that is - to be used as a kind of central data-store. So a user connects with all his/her devices to that (because thats why users use the cloud) - thus it can lead to a corruption of all that devices as well. securing any account is thus one of the most important things all users should be aware of.

a relatively good article can be found here:

Mar 18 '19 #5

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