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ARGV in Ruby is an array of arrays?

18 New Member
I was under the impression that each element of the ARGV arrays contains a value (non iterable). However, when I run this

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  1. def test(args)
  2.     args.each do |arg|
  3.         puts arg.respond_to?("each")
  4.         arg.each do |a|
  5.             puts a
  6.         end
  7.     end
  9. if __FILE__ == $0
  10.     test(ARGV)
  11. end
and run it with ruby test.rb 1 2 3
I can see that each element is again an array, with one element each.

Is this expected?
Dec 9 '09 #1
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303 Recognized Expert Contributor
Each element is actually a string, but strings also have a method 'each' so your result is expected. Documentation is here.

So in your example, ARGV is an array of 3 string elements. Each arg then would be a string. When you do arg.each, it looks at each word within the string.
Dec 10 '09 #2
18 New Member
@improvcornarti st: Thanks a lot!
It's interesting that String.each actually splits it, by default on \n.
Dec 10 '09 #3

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