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Ruby regex for removing C/Java-style /* ... */ comments

16 New Member
Hey guys,

As the title says I'm trying to make a regular expression (regex/regexp) for use in removing the comments from code. In this case, this particular regex is meant to match /* ... */ comments.

I'm using Ruby v.1.8.6

Here's my regex:
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  1. multiline_comments = /\/\*(.*?)\*\//
When I try
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  1. myStr.gsub(multiline_comments, "")
I see no effect. The string has big fat comments in it too. I tried using this regex in irb with a couple test strings, and it works perfectly. This leads me to think I don't understand some subtlety of file io, so here's all my code (cop-out, I know). I'm trying to write a very simple JavaScript compacter, but I want to preserve readability so I'm only getting rid of unnecessary newlines, spaces in between tokens, and comments. I DON'T want the whole file on one line like some compactors do it. Anyway, here goes:

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  1. # Non-destructive JavaScript Packer
  2. # =================================
  3. #
  4. # Reduces overall script filesize by removing comments
  5. # and unecessary whitespace. Does not affect variable naming,
  6. # indentation, or line-by-line formatting in order to maximize
  7. # readability.
  9. def pack_line(file_line)
  11.     return '' unless file_line
  13.     #puts "The next line: " + file_line
  15.     #kill one-line (//...) comments
  16.     line_comments = /(\S*)\s*\/\/.*/
  17.     intermed = file_line.gsub(line_comments, '\1')
  18.     intermed += "\n" if intermed[intermed.length - 1] != "\n"
  20.     #puts "\tAfter one-liner removal: " + intermed
  22.     #kill unnecessary whitespace
  23.     extra_whitespace = /([^(var|function|return|\s*)])[ \t]+(.*?)/
  24.     intermed = intermed.gsub(extra_whitespace, '\1\2')
  26.     #puts "\tAfter extra whitespace removal: " + intermed
  28.     intermed
  29. end
  31. #performs the packing operation, returns a single string
  32. #representing the packed document
  33. def pack(file)
  34.     lines = Array.new
  36.     file.each_line do |line|
  37.         lines.push pack_line(line)
  38.     end
  40.     intermed = lines.join
  42.     #puts "\tBefore multi-liner removal: " + intermed
  44.     #kill multi-line (/* ... */) comments
  45.     multiline_comments = /\/\*(.*?)\*\//
  46.     intermed = intermed.gsub(multiline_comments, '')
  48.     #puts "\tAfter multi-liner removal: " + intermed
  50.     #kill extra new lines
  51.     extra_newlines = /(\r?\n){2,}/
  52.     intermed = intermed.gsub(extra_newlines, "\n")
  54.     #puts "\tFinally: " + intermed + "\n"
  56.     intermed
  57. end
  59. #open file for reading and pass it to pack()
  60. def init(in_file, out_file)
  61.     file = File.new(in_file, "r")
  63.     newDoc = pack(file)
  65.     file.close
  67.     if out_file then
  68.         file = File.new(out_file, "w")
  70.         file.puts(newDoc)
  72.         file.close
  73.     else
  74.         puts newDoc
  75.     end
  76. end
  78. #start the script with the command-line arg file name
  79. puts init(ARGV[0], ARGV[1])
Any ideas? Thanks for all your help.
Jul 31 '07 #1
2 7324
16 New Member
More specifically, even though it works fine on one-line strings, I think I've found that it's unable to match this style of comments across new lines ("\n"). Is there a way to get around this? I thought the '.' matched any character whatsoever...
Aug 1 '07 #2
1 New Member
http://blade.nagaokaut .ac.jp/cgi-bin/scat.rb/ruby/ruby-talk/11137
Aug 2 '07 #3

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