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what's your advice for your 16 yrs old self about coding?

I'm still a newbie in coding I started learning python lately
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Find another line of work,
3 Weeks Ago #2
For my "16 year old self."

Learn C++. If interested in Python, note that Python is based upon it.

You are young, do this right. Learn the basics and then you will probably see Python and many other such codings as easy.
  1. Do Not use any .net .
  2. Do Not use any Visual Studio .
  3. Get CODE::BLOCKS 17.12 .
  4. Do not use any Microsoft compiler!
  5. Do not use any Intel compiler!
  6. Learn via a 32 bit operating system.
  7. Learn Unicode. Study it and learn how it works.
  8. Learn how to triple buffer blit.
  9. When you get into learning C++ use wchar_t or wchar often for your text manipulations.
  10. Parse in relation to UTF-8 instead of UTF-16 or UTF-32.
  11. Use One-Time-Pad encryption exclusively. OTP's can never be broken (in this world) by man or man's machines without help from Angels, or from Christians of faith, etc., or Almighty God.

You might get a book on C and work through that completely. Then get a book on C++11 (currently used by many industries). Do not waste your time on C++ above 11 as they are not being used by most industries.

I am retired from industry and I recently jumped directly into C++11. I skipped C. I skipped CLI. Within a year, I am now working with and asking questions about programming concepts that most sites do not seem to understand. I picked up C and CLI and other basics as needed. You are young, thus I think that you should learn the basics first.

Plan to spend about 4 hours per day on this 5 days a week and within 3 months you should have finished some C programming textbook, and moved on into C++.

Use this site. These people are nice. Some other sites are arrogant and try to impress with complicated code in such a manner that does not help. Use Google interpret and study Japanese sites about programming for Unicode and other internationalization topics as they seem to be very advanced at these. If you want to learn about security and anti-security, then use Google interpret and read Russian sites (their general scientific research (physical sciences) is almost a complete waste (I have found much of their collegiate research papers for the past 60 years to be repulsively ignorant) but their security and anti-security (in computer programming) seems to keep ahead of most or all of the rest of the world).

You asked what I would tell my 16 year old self. I have researched these things a lot, some for many years. These are the facts and they are indisputable.

And, start your own software business (C corp with stock) within 1 year of starting this studying of C++, and try to produce at least one stand-alone executable for sale about every 3 months. Take 20% of your net and give to Christian churches. Occasionally, if you can afford it, buy ABX stock, not Microsoft, not Intel, not Walmart, just ABX (Barrick Gold Corp.).

Thank you for asking.
3 Weeks Ago #3
Read and follow SwissProgrammer's advice.
3 Weeks Ago #4

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