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how to find a time between the two given time

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hello ,
i need a help regarding python programming:

basically i need to find out times between the start and the stop time.
Here is what i have tried---

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  1. s = raw_input('enter first time (hh:mm:ss ):')
  2. z = raw_input('enter the second time (hh:mm:ss):')
  3. if ':' in s:
  4.  h, m, ss = s.split(':')
  5.  q = int(h)*3600 + float(m)* 60 + float(ss)
  7. if ':' in z:
  8.  hh, mm, sss = z.split(':')
  9.  p = int(hh)*3600 + float(mm)* 60 + float(sss)

Now here i have taken out the value of q and p .
Now how do i take a variable "tm" and compare the time as

q <= tm <= p

and then use the variable tm in my other processing
Mar 24 '11 #1
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Expert Mod 2.5K+
P: 2,851
You can use the time module for date and time math. time.strptime returns a struct_time object by parsing a string representing a time according to a format. time.localtime() returns a struct_time object representing the current time. A struct_time object is iterable as a tuple, so a given time and current time can be combined by slicing. Then you can easily perform math and comparisons on the objects. Example:
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  1. import time
  3. t1 = "12:24:33"
  4. t2 = "14:56:12"
  6. tObj1 = time.mktime(time.localtime()[:3]+time.strptime(t1, "%H:%M:%S")[3:])
  7. tObj2 = time.mktime(time.localtime()[:3]+time.strptime(t2, "%H:%M:%S")[3:])
  9. diff = tObj2-tObj1
  10. print tObj1 > tObj2
  11. print diff
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  1. >>> False
  2. 9099.0
  3. >>> 
Mar 27 '11 #2

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Hello bvdet !!

Actually my query about my program is that:
i have to make a program which takes the two times (start time and end time) from the user. Then, i take the third time interval (say in minutes)from the user.

Now in my program:
suppose the user gives, start time : 12:00:00 and end time: 13:00:00 and time interval : 5 minutes

so it will compare in my file XYZ.TXT the start time string "12:00:00" . If in the file it finds the time say, 12:30:20 then it starts from this time and after every 5 minutes (time interval) it reads from the file and prints the time , which should lie between 13:00:00 (end time)

please do help me with this !!
Mar 31 '11 #3

Expert Mod 2.5K+
P: 2,851
I have shown you how to create a struct_time object with the time module. To increment a given struct_time object by 5 minutes:
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  1. >>> time.ctime(tObj1+5*60)
  2. 'Thu Mar 31 12:29:33 2011'
  3. >>> 
The time can be extracted from the string using string methods:
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  1. >>> time.ctime(tObj1+5*60).split()[3]
  2. '12:29:33'
  3. >>> 
Perhaps you can study python documentation on the time module and the example code I have posted to develop the code for your application. Post back if you have any specific questions about your code.
Mar 31 '11 #4

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