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Question about "global" statement


I am having trouble understanding the use of 'global' variables I want to use a global variable with the same name as a parameter of a function. But I don't know how to use them at the same time. Here is a snippet of example code:

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  1. def foo (a):
  2.     global p
  3.     global a
  4.     p = a + 3  #here "a" will be reference to the global one
  6. a = 1
  7. p = 0
  8. foo (a)
  9. print a, p
When I executed this script, Python said "SyntaxError: name 'a' is local and global". I don't think there is anything wrong with Python, but just want to find a way to use local and global variable in one function. In CPP, we can use :: prefix to indicate the variable is global. But I have no idea that how to implement it in Python. Could anybody tell me the solution?

Nov 20 '08 #1
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If you have to use global variables my favorite way is to crate a container for the global variables, like this:

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  1. >>> class gv: pass
  2. ... 
  3. >>> def foo():
  4. ...     gv.p = gv.a + 3
  5. ... 
  6. >>> gv.p, gv.a = 0, 1
  7. >>> foo()
  8. >>> print gv.a, gv.p
  9. 1 4
  10. >>> 
Anyway what you are doing wrong is exactly what the error message says. There is two "a" and python gets confused as to whom of them you are referring to.
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  1. >>> def bar(a):
  2. ...     global a
  3. ...     print a
  4. ... 
  5. SyntaxError: name 'a' is local and global
Solve it by using different variable names. This is why i prefer to create the container for global variables. Its to keep them separate form the other variables.
Nov 20 '08 #2
Good suggestion! Thanks!
Nov 21 '08 #3
I found another solution to this problem.

I can use a name space for the scoping.

__main__.a will be referenced to a global variable.

Anyway, I think container is better.
Nov 21 '08 #4
Curtis Rutland
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Nov 21 '08 #5

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