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Excel 2007 Charts with PyWin32

Hi all,

Iím looking to plot charts in Excel from python. After some Googling
Iíve found the following code:

def plot(x, y, xAxisLog=False, yAxisLog=False):
# acquire application object, which may start application
application = Dispatch("Excel.Application")

# create new file ('Workbook' in Excel-vocabulary)
workbook = application.Workbooks.Add()

# store default worksheet object so we can delete it later
defaultWorksheet = workbook.Worksheets(1)

# build new chart (on seperate page in workbook)
chart = workbook.Charts.Add()

print "chart", chart
chart.ChartType = constants.xlXYScatter
chart.Name = "Plot"

# create data worksheet
worksheet = workbook.Worksheets.Add()
worksheet.Name = "Plot data"

# install data
xColumn = addDataColumn(worksheet, 0, x)
yColumn = addDataColumn(worksheet, 1, y)

# create series for chart
series = chart.SeriesCollection().NewSeries()
series.XValues = xColumn
series.Values = yColumn
series.Name = "Data"
series.MarkerSize = 3

# setup axises
xAxis = chart.Axes()[0]
yAxis = chart.Axes()[1]
xAxis.HasMajorGridlines = True
yAxis.HasMajorGridlines = True
if xAxisLog:
xAxis.ScaleType = constants.xlLogarithmic
if yAxisLog:
yAxis.ScaleType = constants.xlLogarithmic

# remove default worksheet

# make stuff visible now.
application.Visible = True

def genExcelName(row, col):
"""Translate (0,0) into "A1"."""
if col < 26:
colName = chr(col + ord('A'))
colName = chr((col / 26)-1 + ord('A')) + \
chr((col % 26) + ord('A'))
return "%s%s" % (colName, row + 1)

def addDataColumn(worksheet, columnIdx, data):
range = worksheet.Range("%s:%s" % (
genExcelName(0, columnIdx),
genExcelName(len(data) - 1, columnIdx),
for idx, cell in enumerate(range):
cell.Value = data[idx]
return range

# A simple example:
plot( (1,2,3,4,5), (6,7,8,9,10) )

Iím continually getting errors with:

chart.ChartType = constants.xlXYScatter


AttributeError: xlXYScatter

If I try other chart types, such as xl3DPieExploded, I still receive
the same error. Has anyone got any suggestions as to why it canít seem
to find any chart types? Iím running WinXP, Python 2.5, latest PyWin32
and Excel 2007.

I donít know who the original author of the above code is, it
defiantly wasnít me, so major thanks to whoever it was.

Oct 14 '08 #1
1 8631
Solved. See http://bytes.com/forum/thread482449.html

application = Dispatch("Excel.Application")

should be

application =
win32com.client.gencache.EnsureDispatch('Excel.App lication')
Oct 14 '08 #2

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