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Re: writing dll in python?

nishalrs wrote:
Hello All,

My main motivation is to build a collection of useful mathematical
models (that I have developed over the years) to design ultrasonic
sensors. This should be some sort of a library that should be able to
be used for desktop/web application development, to run in variety of
operating systems.
Interesting new applications of Python are welcome. Googling "Python
package (or module) ultrasonic sensor" did not turn up anything relevant
that I saw.
I am more than convinced after looking at python.org website, it is
the right tool for the job. I intend to learn python, but I am not
really sure, where to begin.
Start with the Python tutorial, perhaps parts of the reference manual,
and definitely peruse the first chapters in the library manual on
built-in functions and classes.

You will almost certainly want to use numpy (numpy.org) for numerical
calculation and possibly existing modules in scipy (scipy.org) or elsewhere.
Should I write all the functions as simple python scripts? Or is there
some facility for creating a .dll like library, that could be more
suitable for what in intend to develop?
A module is a 'script' that is intended to be imported by other Python
code. In your Python installation directory, /Libs has numerous *.py
examples. A 'package' is a collection of modules in a directory that
includes only called __init__.py (if I remember correctly). Don't worry
about details yet. When you have something worth distributing, you can
get help here or on other lists, such as the one for numpy/scipy.

When you are ready, you can announce it here and elsewhere and register
it at the Python Package Index (pypi.python.org/pypi).

Terry Jan Reedy

Sep 29 '08 #1
1 1888
Terry Reedy wrote:
Start with the Python tutorial, perhaps parts of the reference manual,
and definitely peruse the first chapters in the library manual on
built-in functions and classes.
Check out
to see a range of ways to learn Python, most very good (what works for
you vaires by student).
You will almost certainly want to use numpy (numpy.org) for numerical
calculation and possibly existing modules in scipy (scipy.org) or
Although it is likely someyhing like numpy will be necessary, don't make
the mistake of thinking Python cannot handle calculation itself easily.
Where you'll need to leave python is in array and matrix calculations,
there the numpy code will get you near custom C/fortran code speeds.
>--Scott David Daniels
Sep 30 '08 #2

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