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Problem with Twisted

Hello. I have something like that:

from twisted.words.protocols.jabber import xmlstream
from twisted.internet import protocol
from twisted.words.xish import domish, utility
from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.python import log
import sys, hashlib
def magicHash(password, sid):
magic1 = 0x50305735
magic2 = 0x12345671
sum = 7
for s in range(len(password)):
z = ord(password[s]);
if (z == ' '):
if (z == '\t'):
magic1 = magic1 ^ ((((magic1 & 0x3f) + sum) * z) + (magic1
<< 8))
magic2 = magic2 + ((magic2 << 8) ^ magic1)
sum += z
magic1 = magic1 & 0x7fffffff
magic2 = magic2 & 0x7fffffff

return ('%08x%08x'%(magic1, magic2))

def ping(xmlstream):
print 'ping'
xmlstream.send(' \t ')
reactor.callLater(40, ping, xmlstream)

class TlenAuthInitializer(object):
def __init__(self, xs):
print "Wykonywanie TlenAuthInitializer"
self.xmlstream = xs
def initialize(self):
print "Wykonywanie TlenAuthInitializer - initialize"
iq = xmlstream.IQ(self.xmlstream, "set")
print '1'
iq['id'] = self.xmlstream.sid
print '2'
q = iq.addElement('query', 'jabber:iq:auth')
print '3'
q.addElement('username', content = self.xmlstream.authenticator.jid)
print '4'
q.addElement('digest', content =
hashlib.sha1(magicHash(self.xmlstream.authenticato r.password,
print '4'
q.addElement('resource', content = 't')
print '6'
q.addElement('host', content = 'tlen.pl')
print q.toXml(prefixes=self.prefixes, closeElement=0)
print '7'
d = iq.send('q')
print '8'
print '9'
print '10'

def _authreply(self, el):
print "Wykonywanie TlenAuthInitializer - _authreply"
print el.toXml()
reactor.callLater(40, ping, self.xmlstream)

def _authfail(self, el):
print "Wykonywanie TlenAuthInitializer - _authfail"
print el.toXml()

class TlenAuthenticator(xmlstream.ConnectAuthenticator):
def __init__(self, jid, password, host):
print "Wykonywanie TlenAuthenticator"
xmlstream.ConnectAuthenticator.__init__(self, host)
self.jid = jid
self.password = password

def associateWithStream(self, xs):
print "Wykonywanie TlenAuthenticator - associateWithStream"
xs.version = (0, 0)
xmlstream.ConnectAuthenticator.associateWithStream (self, xs)

inits = [(TlenAuthInitializer, True)]
for initClass, required in inits:
init = initClass(xs)
init.required = required

class TlenStream(xmlstream.XmlStream):
def sendHeader(self):
print "Wykonywanie TlenStream - sendHeader"
rootElem = domish.Element((None, 's'))
rootElem['v'] = '9'
rootElem['t'] = '06000224'
self.rootElem = rootElem
self.send(rootElem.toXml(prefixes=self.prefixes, closeElement=0))
self._headerSent = True
print 'XMLed rootElem from sendHeader
'+rootElem.toXml(prefixes=self.prefixes, closeElement=0)

def sendFooter(self):
print "Wykonywanie TlenStream - sendFooter"

def onDocumentStart(self, rootelem):
print "Wykonywanie TlenStream - onDocumentStart"
xmlstream.XmlStream.onDocumentStart(self, rootelem)
print 'rootelem from onDocumentStart '+rootelem.toXml()
if rootelem.hasAttribute("i"):
self.sid = rootelem["i"]

class TlenStreamFactory(xmlstream.XmlStreamFactory):
def __init__(self, authenticator):
print "Wykonywanie TlenStreamFactory"
xmlstream.XmlStreamFactory.__init__(self, authenticator)
self.authenticator = authenticator
def buildProtocol(self, _):
print "Wykonywanie TlenStreamFactory - buildProtocol"
# Create the stream and register all the bootstrap observers
xs = TlenStream(self.authenticator)
xs.factory = self
for event, fn in self.bootstraps: xs.addObserver(event, fn)
return xs

def lg(el):
print 'all>',el
def err(el):
print 'err>', el
factory = TlenStreamFactory(TlenAuthenticator('portsentry',
'linux1991','s1.tlen.pl' ))
factory.addBootstrap('/*', lg)

reactor.connectTCP('s1.tlen.pl', 443, factory)

Now... I have problem with that. It not print me any errors but there
is something with d = iq.send('q') on TlenAuthInitializer -
initialize. I dont know why but python print me just "6" and stops...
its strange... anyone have suggestions?
Sep 1 '08 #1
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