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project - trivia game

For my final project, I'm trying to do a GUI based game similar to are
you smarter then a 5th grader. I've been working on it and am stuck
with some code someone helped me with to randomize the A,B,C,D letters
that the correct answer is assigned too. The code that does this is
highlighted in bold and the code that assigns it to a variable is also
in bold so I can test it in the console window. Problem is, it's always
stuck at letter A and doesn't always give the correct answer. The
correct answer is always position 1 in my make math question list.
Could someone please help?


BTW, to whoever asked me why I don't use functions b4, I'm using them
now that I've learned how to... :P ;)

from graphics import *
from random import *

def drawMainMenu(win):
#define and draw the buttons
mainMenuList = []
mainMenuList.append (CreateRect(4,6,7,8,"grey",win))
mainMenuList.append (CreateRect(3.5,6.5,5,6,"grey",win))
mainMenuList.append (CreateRect(3.5,6.5,3,4,"grey",win))
mainMenuList.append (CreateRect(3.1,7,1,2,"grey",win))
mainMenuList.append (CreateRect(8,10,0,1,"grey",win))

#define and draw the main menu
mainMenuList.append (CreateText(5,9.5,"MAIN MENU","times roman", 30,
"normal", "red",win))
mainMenuList.append (CreateText(2,8.5,"Please pick a subject from
below: ","times roman", 14, "normal", "purple",win))
mainMenuList.append (CreateText(5,7.5,"MATH","times roman", 28,
"italic", "blue",win))
mainMenuList.append (CreateText(5,5.5,"SCIENCE","times roman", 28,
"italic", "yellow",win))
mainMenuList.append (CreateText(5,3.5,"HISTORY","times roman", 28,
"italic", "pink",win))
mainMenuList.append (CreateText(5,1.5,"GEOGRAPHY","times roman", 28,
"italic", "green",win))
mainMenuList.append (CreateText(9,.5,"Quit","times roman", 20,
"italic", "black",win))


def UndrawMenu (menulist):
for i in range(len(menulist)):
def CreateText(x,y,myString,myFace,mySize, myStyle, myColor,win):
myText = Text(Point(x,y), myString)
return myText

def CreateRect(x1,x2,y1,y2,myFill,win):
myRect = Rectangle(Point(x1,y1,), Point(x2,y2))
return myRect

def isValidClick(x1,x2, y1, y2, p1, win):
if p1.getX()>=x1 and p1.getY()>=y1 and p1.getX()<=x2 and p1.getY()<=y2:
return True
return False

def drawQuestion (subject, question, answers, win):
menuList = []

#define and draw the entry boxes
entchoice = Entry(Point(6.4,6.5), 1)
entchoice.setTextColor ("blue")

menuList.append(CreateText(5,9.5,question,"times roman", 18,
"normal", "red",win))
menuList.append(CreateText(2,8.5,"A. " + answers[0],"times roman",
16, "normal", "purple",win))
menuList.append(CreateText(7.5,8.5,"B. " + answers[1],"times roman",
16, "normal", "purple",win))
menuList.append(CreateText(2,7.5,"C. " + answers[2],"times roman",
16, "normal", "purple",win))
menuList.append(CreateText(7.5,7.5,"D. " + answers[3],"times roman",
16, "normal", "purple",win))
menuList.append(CreateText(4.7,6.5,"Please enter your
choice:","times roman", 16, "normal", "purple",win))

#draw answer box and text
answerButton = Rectangle(Point(7,5.5), Point(3,4))
answerButton = Text(Point(5,4.8),"Answer")

def main():

#Declare and initialize variables

#make math question list
mathlist = []
question = ["An equilateral triangle has how many sides?", "3", "4"
, "1", "5"]
question = ["How many inches are in a foot?", "12", "6", "3", "9"]
question = ["One Kilogram equals how many grams?", "1000", "230",
"450", "100"]
question = ["Which means nine hundred sixty three thousandths?",
".963", ".0963", ".0.0963", "9.63"]
question = ["A fathom is a unit of measurement for which of the
following?", "depth", "space", "time", "distance"]
question = ["What is 111, plus 112, plus 113?", "336", "332", "331",

#show the rules of the game window
win = GraphWin("RULES OF THE GAME",600,600)

txtrules1 = CreateText(5,9.5,"The rules of the game are as
follows:","times roman", 16, "normal", "red",win)
txtrules2 = CreateText(5,8.5,"The game will be made up of 10
questions, 2 from each grade 1-5.","times roman", 12, "normal", "black",win)
txtrules3 = CreateText(5,7.5,"You will be able to pick 2 subjects
you want to answer for each grade.","times roman", 12, "normal",
txtrules4 = CreateText(5,6.5,"The subjects you can pick from are
Math, Science, History and Geography.","times roman", 12, "normal",
txtrules5 = CreateText(5,5.5,"No more then 3 questions can be
answered from each subject.","times roman", 12, "normal", "black",win)
txtrules6 = CreateText(5,2.5,"HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!","times
roman", 26, "normal", "yellow",win)
#define window and set coords
win =GraphWin("Are You Smarter Then a Fifth Grader???",800,800)
mainMenuList = drawMainMenu(win)

p1 = win.getMouse()
if (isValidClick(4,6,7,8,p1,win)==True):
currentList = mathlist
subject = "Math"

elif (isValidClick(3.5,6.5,5,6,p1,win)==True):

elif (isValidClick(3.5,6.5,3,4,p1,win)==True):

elif (isValidClick(3.1,7,1,2,p1,win)==True):


* #Picks random question
qNum = randrange(0, len(currentList))
qList = currentList[qNum]

aList = []
tmpList = qList[1:5]

#Randomizes answers
while(len(tmpList) 0):
rNum = randrange(0, len(tmpList))

currentScreen = drawQuestion(subject, qList[0], aList, win)

p1 = win.getMouse()
print "hello"

pResult = (currentScreen[0].getText())
print pResult

cResult = (currentScreen[2].getText())
print cResult*

#compare player's answer to correct answer
#if correct/incorrect do a print statement
#add/take away from score

Dec 5 '07 #1
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