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Python COM and Excel

I'm struggling to tame Excel using Python and COM.

Most of the following code is working except for the setting of the activesheet.

Also, I would like to know how to release a COM object without closing the application / dispatcher that launched excel?

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  1. class ExcelCom32(object):
  2.     """
  3.     Access Excel using python via COM.
  4.     """
  5.     def __init__(self, visible=False):
  6.         self.app = Dispatch("Excel.Application")
  7.         #self.app.Visible = 0
  8.         self.sheet = 1
  10.     def openBook(self, filename):
  11.         """
  12.         Open an existing Excel workbook.
  13.         """
  14.         # Set the path to the current working directory and add the path to the TxDatabase
  15.         MyPath = os.getcwd() + r'\TxDatabase'        
  17.         self.app.Workbooks.Open(MyPath + '\\' + filename)
  19.     def setActiveSheet(self, sheet):
  20.         """
  21.         Set the active worksheet.
  22.         """
  23.         self.ActiveSheet = sheet
  25.     def getRange(self, range):
  26.         """
  27.         Get a range object for the specified range or single cell.
  28.         """
  29.         return self.app.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(self.sheet).Range(range)
  31.     def getValue(self, x, y):
  32.         """
  33.         Get the value of a 'cell' using Cells(x, y).
  34.         """
  35.         value = self.app.ActiveSheet.Cells(y, x).Value
  36.         return value
  38.     def setVisible(self, v):
  39.         """
  40.         Set the Excel Application to Visible
  41.         """
  42.         self.app.Visible = v
  44.     def setValue(self, v, x, y):
  45.         """
  46.         Get the value of a 'cell' using Cells(x, y).
  47.         """
  48.         self.app.ActiveSheet.Cells(y, x).Value = v
  50.     def closeBook(self):
  51.         """
  52.         Close the active workbook.
  53.         """
  54.         self.app.ActiveWorkbook.Close()
  56.     def quit(self):
  57.         """
  58.         Quit Excel.
  59.         """
  60.         return self.app.Quit()
  62.     def findColEnd(self, x, y):
  63.         """
  64.         Find the last value in the spreadsheet and set the end point
  65.         """
  66.         c = 0
  67.         for yy in range(y, 1000):
  68.             value = self.app.ActiveSheet.Cells(yy, x).Value
  69.             if value == None:
  70.                 break
  71.             c = c + 1
  72.         return c + y
  74.     def findRowEnd(self, x, y):
  75.         """
  76.         Find the last value in the spreadsheet and set the end point
  77.         """
  78.         c = 0
  79.         for xx in range(x, 1000):
  80.             value = self.app.ActiveSheet.Cells(y, xx).Value
  81.             if value == None:
  82.                 break
  83.             c = c + 1
  84.         return c + x
Sep 13 '07 #1
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