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Final SF Python Patch/Bug Summary

New / Reopened Patches

minidom pretty xml output improvement (2007-08-19)
http://python.org/sf/1777134 opened by Teajay

removeTest() method patch for unittest.TestSuite (2007-08-21)
http://python.org/sf/1778410 opened by Mark Edgington

robotparser.py fixes (2007-08-21)
http://python.org/sf/1778443 opened by Indy

Remove redundancies inside class logging.Logger (2007-08-22)
http://python.org/sf/1779550 opened by Carsten Grohmann

Replace AtheOS w/ Syllable (2007-08-22)
http://python.org/sf/1779613 opened by Skip Montanaro

Make python build with gcc-4.2 on OS X 10.4.9 (2007-08-23)
http://python.org/sf/1779871 opened by Jeffrey Yasskin

Patches Closed

distutils.util.get_platform() return value on 64bit Windows (2007-07-27)
http://python.org/sf/1761786 closed by mhammond

MSVC6/7 issues with bdist_wininst and --target-version (2004-07-01)
http://python.org/sf/983164 closed by mhammond

Override flags set by IOBase in io.StringIO (2007-08-15)
http://python.org/sf/1774828 closed by avassalotti

Convert str to bytes in io.BytesIO.__init__ (2007-08-15)
http://python.org/sf/1774833 closed by avassalotti

BufReader, TextReader for PEP 3116 "New I/O" (2007-06-04)
http://python.org/sf/1731036 closed by gvanrossum

utf-32 codecs (2007-08-16)
http://python.org/sf/1775604 closed by gvanrossum

Make it possible to use SVK to develop Python (2007-08-14)
http://python.org/sf/1774414 closed by collinwinter

New / Reopened Bugs

memoryview('test') is causing a segfault (2007-08-19)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1777057 reopened by tiran

Please warn about a subtle trap (2007-08-19)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1777160 opened by Greg Kochanski

Confusing typography Python Ref 5.9 (2007-08-19)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1777168 opened by Greg Kochanski

IDLE Freezes After Running Scripts (2007-08-19)
http://python.org/sf/1777398 opened by Ross Peoples

Python's strftime dislikes years before 1900 (2007-08-20)
http://python.org/sf/1777412 opened by Benno Rice

glob doesn't return unicode with unicode parameter (2007-08-20)
http://python.org/sf/1777458 opened by Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz

ctypes on Solaris (2007-08-20)
http://python.org/sf/1777530 opened by Aki

rounding inconsisntency using string formatting (2007-08-20)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1778207 opened by Jim Hurlburt

Segfault. (2007-08-21)
http://python.org/sf/1778376 opened by Maciek Fijalkowski

PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc and the main thread (2007-08-22)
http://python.org/sf/1779233 opened by Rotem

urlparse.urljoin does not obey current uri rfc (rfc 3986) (2007-08-22)
http://python.org/sf/1779700 opened by John Adams

Bugs Closed

memoryview('test') is causing a segfault (2007-08-18)
http://python.org/sf/1777057 closed by nnorwitz

memoryview('test') is causing a segfault (2007-08-18)
http://python.org/sf/1777057 closed by nnorwitz

Please warn about a subtle trap (2007-08-19)
http://python.org/sf/1777160 closed by gbrandl

Confusing typography Python Ref 5.9 (2007-08-19)
http://python.org/sf/1777168 closed by gbrandl

struni: str() doesn't call __str__() of subclasses of str (2007-07-11)
http://python.org/sf/1751598 closed by tiran

rounding inconsisntency using string formatting (2007-08-21)
http://python.org/sf/1778207 closed by loewis

mapitags.PROP_TAG() doesn't account for new longs (2004-12-31)
http://python.org/sf/1093389 closed by mhammond

Overenthusiastic check in Swap? (2004-04-01)
http://python.org/sf/926910 closed by mhammond

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