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Help with Break Command

What in the world is going on here? I cannot get my "break" statement to work.

When I run this class, I get the following output:

---BREAK--- 0
count = 0
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Documents and Settings\M01091\Desktop\New Folder\tester.py", line 72, in ?
TransformerRecords1 = TransformerData1.read()
File "C:\Documents and Settings\M01091\Desktop\New Folder\psseraw.py", line 338, in read
if( int(K) == 0):
ValueError: invalid literal for int(): 250.000

The error is correct, but it should never get to this point, because I call the break command. But for whatever reason, it does not seem to want to break out of the for loop. Any ideas?? The class is below:

[PHP]class Transformer(Resource):
def read(self):
xfmrSubRecordCount = 0
nxfmrSubRecords = 0
xfmrSubRecords = []
key = ""
line = ""
count = 0

for line in self.file.xreadlines():
line = line.split("/") #Remove Comments
line = line[0]

if( line.strip() == "0"):
#End of Transformer Section
print "---BREAK---", line.strip()
print "count = " + str(count)
count = count + 1
elif( line.strip() == ""):
#Skip Blank Line
#Process Transformer Entry
if( xfmrSubRecordCount == 0):
#First Transformer Line
line = re.sub("\'.*?\'",replaceComa,line)
recordAttributes = line.split(",")
I = recordAttributes[0].strip()
J = recordAttributes[1].strip()
K = recordAttributes[2].strip()
CKT = recordAttributes[3].strip("'")
key = I+J+K+CKT.strip()

if( int(K) == 0):
#No Third Winding, hence Two Winding Transformer Record
nxfmrSubRecords = 4
#Three Winding Transformer Record
nxfmrSubRecords = 5
del line[/PHP]
Aug 13 '07 #1
1 2403
Nevermind, figured it out, was not a programming error, was just an error in the handling of my class. Thanks tho!
Aug 13 '07 #2

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