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Q: listsort and dictsort - official equivalents?

I expressed my creativity & created two routines, listsort & dictsort.

def listsort(l,cmp=None): l.sort(cmp); return l
def dictsort(d,cmp=None):return [(k,d[k])for k in listsort(d.keys(),cmp=cmp)]

Basically I am more familiar with sorting inside a for loop, eg in
bourne shell one can do "for loop sorts":

for group in $(sort /etc/group); do
echo group;

In python I must kick off a sort on the line before I start the
iteration. (This does make sense because at the end of the day the sort
has complete BEFORE the for loop can proceed - that is... until the day
when python lists have a secondary index ;-).

for group in group_list: # do
print group,group_dict[group]
# done

I am sure python has a more concise way of doing this, any hints?


# examples:

#!/usr/bin/env python
## -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
## purpose: demo sorting in python
def aleph_cmp(a,b): # class only needs the "<" operator
if a<b: return -1
elif b<a: return 1
else: return 0 # fi
# end aleph_cmp

def listsort(l,cmp=None): l.sort(cmp); return l # end

# example application:

print "a) sort by the first key using the std cmp"
for key in listsort(mydict.keys(),cmp=cmp): # do
print key,mydict[key]
# od

# if your object had a '-' operator, then you would not need to do this.
print "b) custom sort by the first key - need the '<' operator"
for key in listsort(mydict.keys(),aleph_cmp): # do
print key,mydict[key]
# od

print "c) custom sort by the second key - using the numeric '-' operator"
for key in listsort(mydict.keys(),cmp=lambda a,b: mydict[a]-mydict[b]): # do
print key,mydict[key]
# od

# αš*inally: I α›’elieve listsort & dictsort aᚱe not in the α›‹td... α›’ut α›—ayα›’ they ᚱ?
def dictsort(d,cmp=None):return [(k,d[k])for k in listsort(d.keys(),cmp=cmp)] # end

print "d) 'dictsort' sort by the second key - using the numeric '-' operator"
for key,val in dictsort(mydict,cmp=lambda a,b: mydict[a]-mydict[b]): # do
print key,val
# od

Am I missing some obvious standard routine?
Neville D - NZ
α›*αšΎα›–α›¬β€‹αš‘α›α›šα›–α›¬β€‹αš‘α›–α›šα›α›‹α› *α›–α›šαšͺα›αš’α›—α›¬β€‹αšͺα›¬β€‹α›Žα›–αš’α›‹α›¬β €‹αšΎαš°α›¬β€‹α›žα›–α›ˆαš±α›α›—αšͺᛏα›*
note: This document contains Anglo-Saxon Futhorci UTF-8 characters
from: http://junicode.sourceforge.net/ - eg αš¦α›– αš*α›αš±α›‹α› αš*αš°α›

Jun 20 '07 #1
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