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shutil & verbose feedback

hey guys

any ideas on how to get shutil.copytree to give feedback with what it is copying? (verbose style?)

i can't seem to google up anything on it

cheers if you can help!

Jun 16 '07 #1
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6,596 Expert 4TB
hey guys

any ideas on how to get shutil.copytree to give feedback with what it is copying? (verbose style?)

i can't seem to google up anything on it

cheers if you can help!

Hey Adam. I have an idea... Take the docs at their word and "XXX Consider this example code rather than the ultimate tool". Start with source and start adding to it to make your own verbose copytree():
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  2. def copytree(src, dst, symlinks=False):
  3.     """Recursively copy a directory tree using copy2().
  5.     The destination directory must not already exist.
  6.     If exception(s) occur, an Error is raised with a list of reasons.
  8.     If the optional symlinks flag is true, symbolic links in the
  9.     source tree result in symbolic links in the destination tree; if
  10.     it is false, the contents of the files pointed to by symbolic
  11.     links are copied.
  13.     XXX Consider this example code rather than the ultimate tool.
  15.     """
  16.     names = os.listdir(src)
  17.     os.mkdir(dst)
  18.     errors = []
  19.     for name in names:
  20.         srcname = os.path.join(src, name)
  21.         dstname = os.path.join(dst, name)
  22.         try:
  23.             if symlinks and os.path.islink(srcname):
  24.                 linkto = os.readlink(srcname)
  25.                 os.symlink(linkto, dstname)
  26.             elif os.path.isdir(srcname):
  27.                 copytree(srcname, dstname, symlinks)
  28.             else:
  29.                 copy2(srcname, dstname)
  30.             # XXX What about devices, sockets etc.?
  31.         except (IOError, os.error), why:
  32.             errors.append((srcname, dstname, why))
  33.         # catch the Error from the recursive copytree so that we can
  34.         # continue with other files
  35.         except Error, err:
  36.             errors.extend(err.args[0])
  37.     if errors:
  38.         raise Error, errors
Jun 16 '07 #2
cheers bartonc! didn't know you could do that!
Jun 16 '07 #3
6,596 Expert 4TB
cheers bartonc! didn't know you could do that!
In fact it's encouraged! With modules that provide object interfaces, we subclass.
With modules that have functionality that needs adding to, do it. Then, when you post here, it goes out into the public and python grows! That's really the way that a lot of the current library was built (albeit, in a slightly more controlled environment).

And you can call me Barton.

Cheers, Adam.
Jun 16 '07 #4
Cheers Barton!

Ahhh so much to learn!

I am really enjoying learning the language so far. It seems to be starting to make some sense

Cheers for your help!

Jun 16 '07 #5

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