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Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary ** REVISED **

P: n/a
Patch / Bug Summary

Patches : 420 open ( +4) / 3410 closed ( +2) / 3830 total ( +6)
Bugs : 915 open (+17) / 6186 closed ( +6) / 7101 total (+23)
RFE : 235 open ( +1) / 238 closed ( +0) / 473 total ( +1)

New / Reopened Patches

Practical ctypes example (2006-09-15) opened by leppton

test_popen fails on Windows if installed to "Program Files" (2006-09-15) opened by Martin v. L÷wis

test_cmd_line fails on Windows (2006-09-15) opened by Martin v. L÷wis

pyclbr reports different module for Class and Function (2006-09-18) opened by Peter Otten

Exec stacks in python 2.5 (2006-09-18) opened by Chaza

Python 2.5 fails with -Wl,--as-needed in LDFLAGS (2006-09-21) opened by Chaza

Patches Closed
______________ doesn't skip special NIS entry, fails (2006-06-22) closed by martineau

Add RLIMIT_SBSIZE to resource module (2006-09-13) closed by loewis

New / Reopened Bugs

some section links (previous, up, next) missing last word (2006-09-15) opened by Tim Smith

time.strptime() access non exitant attribute in (2006-09-15)
CLOSED opened by betatim

shutil.copyfile incomplete on NTFS (2006-09-16) opened by Roger Upole

gcc trunk (4.2) exposes a signed integer overflows (2006-08-24) reopened by arigo

2.5c2 pythonw does not execute (2006-09-16)
CLOSED opened by Ron Platten

list.sort does nothing when both cmp and key are given (2006-09-16)
CLOSED opened by Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk

confusing error msg from random.randint (2006-09-17) opened by paul rubin

Tutorial: incorrect info about package importing and mac (2006-09-17) opened by C L

Better/faster implementation of os.path.split (2006-09-17)
CLOSED opened by Michael Gebetsroither

Better/faster implementation of os.path.basename/dirname (2006-09-17) reopened by gbrandl

Better/faster implementation of os.path.basename/dirname (2006-09-17) opened by Michael Gebetsroither

copy() method of dictionaries is not "deep" (2006-09-17) reopened by gbrandl

copy() method of dictionaries is not "deep" (2006-09-17) opened by daniel hahler

strftime('%z') behaving differently with/without time arg. (2006-09-18) opened by Knut Aksel R°ysland

python 2.5 fails to build with --as-needed (2006-09-18) opened by Chaza

mac installer profile patch vs. .bash_login (2006-09-19) opened by Ronald Oussoren

-xcode=pic32 option is not supported on Solaris x86 Sun C (2006-09-19) opened by James Lick

Dedent with Italian keyboard (2006-09-20) opened by neclepsio

Fails to install on Fedora Core 5 (2006-09-20) opened by Mark Summerfield

IDLE Hung up after open script by command line... (2006-09-20) opened by Faramir^

uninitialized memory read in parsetok() (2006-09-20) opened by Luke Moore

asyncore.dispatcher.set_reuse_addr not documented. (2006-09-20) opened by Noah Spurrier

Spurious tab/space warning (2006-09-21) opened by torhu

Spurious Tab/space error (2006-09-21) opened by torhu

decimal module borks thread (2006-09-21) opened by Jaster

MacPython ignores user-installed Tcl/Tk (2006-09-21) opened by Russell Owen

code.InteractiveConsole() and closed sys.stdout (2006-09-21) opened by Skip Montanaro

Bugs Closed

2.5c2 macosx installer aborts during "GUI Applications" (2006-09-15) closed by ronaldoussoren

time.strptime() access non existant attribute in (2006-09-15) closed by bcannon

2.5c2 pythonw does not execute (2006-09-16) closed by loewis

list.sort does nothing when both cmp and key are given (2006-09-16) closed by qrczak

Better/faster implementation of os.path.split (2006-09-17) deleted by einsteinmg

Better/faster implementation of os.path.basename/dirname (2006-09-17) deleted by einsteinmg

copy() method of dictionaries is not "deep" (2006-09-17) closed by gbrandl

UCS-4 tcl not found on SUSE 10.1 with tcl and tk 8.4.12-14 (2006-09-02) closed by loewis

New / Reopened RFE

Exception need structured information associated with them (2006-09-15) opened by Ned Batchelder

String searching performance improvement (2006-09-19)
CLOSED opened by Nick Welch

RFE Closed

String searching performance improvement (2006-09-19) deleted by mackstann

Sep 21 '06 #1
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