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how do I make a class global?


I thought it would be nifty to create a class that created other classes for
me. The method below shows what I would like to do. The problem is that the
class the method creates is local to the method. Is it possible to make the
class visible in the global scope so I can import the module see the
dynamically created classes? Or do I need to generate a source file and do a
'from tmp import *'?

def new(self, eventType, param):
self.value += 1
exec 'global %s; %s = %d' % (eventType, eventType, self.value)
sl = []
sl.append('class %sEvent(QEvent):' % eventType)
sl.append(' def __init__(self, %s):' % param)
sl.append(' QEvent.__init__(self, %s)' % evenType)
sl.append(' self.%s = %s' % (param, param))
source = '\n'.join(sl)
co = compile(source, 'tmp.py', 'exec')
exec co

Then, to create another event, I would just have to add another line like
e.new('ETestEvent', 'test')

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basically, you can create new types on the fly using type() with three

my_class = type("className",(BaseClass,),class_dict)

then, you can assign this vlass to the golbal namespace using

globals()["className"] = my_class

In your case, you would need to populate the class_dict by a function
that you parameterize to your needs, e.g.

def create_class(name,params) :
def cls_init(self) :
self.params = params

cls_dict = {
"__init__" : cls_init

new_cls = type(name,(BaseClass,),cls_dict)
globals()[name] = new_cls

the result would be like this:
instance = test_class()
print instance.params


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