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Post-EuroPython 2005 PyPy Sprint 1st - 7th July 2005

Post-EuroPython 2005 PyPy Sprint 1st - 7th July 2005
================================================== ====

The next PyPy sprint is scheduled right after EuroPython 2005
in Gothenborg, Sweden. Its main focus is translation to
lower level backends but there are also other possible topics.
We'll give newcomer-friendly introductions. To learn more
about the new PyPy Python-in-Python implementation look here:


On a side note, there are a number of sub projects that may be
interesting for participating in google's summer-of-code event
(deadline June 14th!). The PyPy group is willing to mentor
projects that have some link with PyPy, so if you are accepted
in such a project, the sprint could also serve as a good
meeting and kick-off point. Further down you'll find some
examples, but there are certainly more and bigger ones :-)

Goals and topics of the sprint

The main, though not the only, focus of the sprint will be on
the "translation" aspect of PyPy. The goal here is to
progress towards a completely translated PyPy. How much will
already have been done before EuroPython is unknown; as a
guess, we will be left with:

- completing the "rtyper", the piece of code that assigns low-level
C-like types to high-level RPython objects (lists, dicts, instances,
etc.) and low-level control flow graphs to high-level ones;

- polish off the GenC and GenLLVM back-ends, responsible for turning
the low-level C-like flow graphs into real C or LLVM source code.

See http://codespeak.net/pipermail/pypy-...q2/002136.html for more
information (10th of June status).

Non-translation-related topics are welcome too. Here are some suggestions
from the issue tracker (https://codespeak.net/issue/pypy-dev/):

- integrate the parser module, possibly making it RPython

- rewrite in Python a C module you are familiar with
(partial list of missing/incomplete modules: os, math, array,
regular expressions, binascii...)

- implement Python 2.3's import hook extensions (zip-imports etc.)

- fix Windows-related issues, '%'-formatting rounding errors,
add missing docstrings on app-level built-in types and functions,

- weakrefs (but this requires discussion and planning on pypy-dev
before the sprint! feel free to start such a discussion, though.)
Location & Accomodation

The sprint will be held in the former Math Center building
near the crossing of Gibraltargatan and Eklandagatan. Entrance
is on the middle of the side facing Gibraltargatan. The doors
to the building are normally locked, so you need the phone number
of somebody inside to get in. Instructions on whom to call will be
posted on the door.

The sprint will be co-located with several other sprints. See the
`EuroPython Wiki`_, to find out what other sprints will be running.

Nearest, and probably cheapest is to book accomodation at SGS Veckobostäder
through the Europython website. This option will be available until about
20 June.

... _`EuroPython special accomodation`: http://www.europython.org/sections/a...l_accomodation
... _`EuroPython Wiki`: http://www.europython.org/sections/sprints_and_wiki

Exact times

The public Pypy sprint is held Friday 1st July - Thursday 7 July 2005.
Hours will be from 09:00 until people have had enough. It's a good
idea to arrive a day before the sprint starts.

(There is a sprint for people who are familiar with the Pypy codebase
before Europython as well. This will be held at Jacob & Laura's home
on Götabergsgatan 22.)
Network, Food, currency

Sweden is not part of the Euro zone. One SEK (krona in singular, kronor
in plural) is roughly 1/10th of a Euro (9.15 SEK to 1 Euro).

There are some pizzerias, kebab places and the like close to the venue.
Their food is edible and cheap, but not very good. For good food, you need to
go downtown.

You need a wireless network card to access the network. You will be
issued a login to the Chalmers NOMAD network. This will allow you to
use access points all over Chalmers. However, we can likely provide
a wireless/ethernet bridge.

Sweden uses the same kind of plugs as Germany. 230V AC.

Registration etc.pp.

Please subscribe to the `PyPy sprint mailing list`_, introduce
yourself and post a note that you want to come. Feel free
to ask any questions there!

... _`PyPy sprint mailing list`: http://codespeak.net/mailman/listinfo/pypy-sprint
Armin Rigo & the PyPy team

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