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Fw: evidence john bokma al jazeera connection ?

please add forward to alt.security.terrorism if information

p.p.s. "john bokma" shows long list in message boards, just in last
month. lots of information to netherlands where muslem militants
are. could some be coded cryption to aljazeera, so messages are in
secret for the terror network?

what if dutch messages are most coded and hardest to break? there is no
arab language at babelfish.altavista.com. dutch is there, and english.

i will try to send this message around. i hope some law agents will
look at john bokma. he may work for al jazeera, on the computer webs and tv.

p.s. i ran a cross reference on john bokma whereabouts, like he
just admits <Xn*************************@> .

look for the words "al-jazeera" and "new zealand", or netherlands,
mexico, turkey, or "sri lanka". can it be only coincidence that john bokma
shows up in the same places around the world, and at same times that
al jazeera showing up there? thats way to many coincidences for one to have.

you can see his programs at www.aljazeera.com, and use translations
at babelfish.altavista.com, if you need, like for his dutch records. somebody
needs to tell fbi agents this john bokma woirks for terror computers and tv.

i keep looking at the john bokma al jazeera connection, and his dossier
gets bigger. this just one day cancels for al-jazeera and arab militant. do
bokma clients know how deep he works for al jazeera? look at this.

see this from 2003, cancel for al jazeera and other arab names
at this message <bm**********@dexter.hensema.net>
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Message-Id: <68ffd2e1.7f9bd...@news.titcano.org>
somebody should check all these message boards for john bokma
informtaion. interpol, fbi, and warn other groups about him.
i have a report to make. on another group i have been watching a thread
where somebody named "john bokma" has been hassling another reader for some
months now. i think its politically motivated, because the other guy
talks in good support of the us, and doesnt like terrorists.

i did a quick search for "john bokma", and i was surprised to find out
that his whereabouts show him all over the place on the internet. every
thing from new zealand, netherlans, mexico, and us. scope it for yourself.

now heres the clincher. while i was searching through different message
boards i found some chatter in foreign language (dutch?), saying bokma writes
>computer programs for terror al-jazeera webs, and has other suspicious
connections to muslems. has this john bokma been red flagged or reported to
>the fbi? somebody should take a close look at this guy. he could be
working for alqueda terrorists.

if it helps here are some address emails i found with his name on them.


Jul 19 '05 #1
2 1988
William Baker wrote:

please add forward to alt.security.terrorism if information

p.p.s. "john bokma" shows long list in message boards, just in last
month. lots of information to netherlands where muslem militants
are. could some be coded cryption to aljazeera, so messages are in
secret for the terror network?

Do not forget his alter egos: Waldo Centini, Jerry Harper, Els... ;-)

Jul 19 '05 #2
There is a response to this on John's web site:


Jul 19 '05 #3

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