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Weekly Python Bug/Patch Summary

P: n/a

Patch / Bug Summary

Patches : 259 open ( -5) / 2573 closed (+17) / 2832 total (+12)
Bugs : 745 open ( +0) / 4405 closed (+21) / 5150 total (+21)
RFE : 150 open ( +1) / 130 closed ( +0) / 280 total ( +1)

New / Reopened Patches

Patch for bug 933795. term.h and curses on Solaris (2004-08-19) opened by Ariel Arjona

PEP 292 implementation (2004-08-22) opened by Barry A. Warsaw various bugfixes (2004-08-19) opened by Russell Blau

cStringIO's truncate doesn't (2004-08-20)
CLOSED opened by Dima Dorfman

Fix for duplicate attributes in generated HTML (2004-08-20) opened by Richard Brodie

Cleanup Peepholer Output (2004-08-22)
CLOSED opened by Raymond Hettinger

Implementation for PEP 318 using syntax J2 (2004-08-22) opened by Michael

RobotFileParser.can_fetch return value (2004-08-23)
CLOSED opened by George Yoshida

Expose current parse location to XMLParser (2004-08-24) opened by Dave Cole

bug in tarfile.ExFileObject.readline (2004-08-24) opened by GaryD

Improve markup and punctuation in libsocket.tex (2004-08-24) opened by Dima Dorfman

Docs claim that coerce can return None (2004-08-24) opened by Dima Dorfman

Patches Closed

baseinteger: abstract superclass for int and long (2004-08-11) closed by nnorwitz

Improve error reporting when Python opens source code (2004-08-19) closed by loewis

Add Py_InitializeEx to allow embedding without signals. (2004-02-19) closed by loewis

implementation of Text.dump method (2002-04-19) closed by loewis

Return new string for single subclass joins (Bug #1001011) (2004-08-11) closed by rhettinger

cStringIO's truncate doesn't (2004-08-20) closed by tim_one

Bad URL encoding in SimpleHTTPServer directory listing (2004-08-18) closed by jlgijsbers

doctest: add a special (dedented) marker for blank lines (2004-04-11) closed by jlgijsbers

incorrect end-of-message handling in mailbox.BabylMailbox (2004-01-20) closed by jlgijsbers

(bug 1005936) textunderscore python.sty fix (2004-08-14) closed by nnorwitz

Cleanup Peepholer Output (2004-08-22) closed by rhettinger

Non-ascii in non-unicode __credits__ in Lib/ (2004-08-15) closed by loewis

Allow pydoc to work with XP Themes (.manifest file) (2004-07-25) closed by loewis

LC_CTYPE locale and strings (2004-07-26) closed by loewis

Installation database patch (2002-05-29) closed by akuchling

RobotFileParser.can_fetch return value (2004-08-23) closed by loewis

thread Module Breaks PyGILState_Ensure() (2004-08-17) closed by mhammond

New / Reopened Bugs

dictionary referencing error (2004-08-19)
CLOSED opened by AMIT Consulting LLC

weakref.WeakValueDictionary should override .has_key() (2004-08-19)
CLOSED opened by Myers Carpenter

ctrl-left/-right works incorectly with diacritics (2004-08-19) opened by Krzysztof Wilkosz

Can't pipe input to a python program (2004-08-20)
CLOSED opened by Ronald L. Rivest

xmlrpclib, PEP291, "yield" (2004-08-16)
CLOSED reopened by anthonybaxter

Python Tutorial 3.1.4 List example (2004-08-20)
CLOSED opened by Elizibeth Thompson

Win XP DEP prevents Python call to 'C' DLL (2004-08-21)
CLOSED opened by ajhewitt

xml.dom documentation omits createDocument, ...DocumentType (2004-08-21) opened by Mike Brown

Error in Chapter 4 of Tutorial (2004-08-22)
CLOSED opened by Alexey Peshehonov

No documentation for PyFunction_* (C-Api) (2004-08-22) opened by Henning Günther with mode w|bz2 (2004-08-22)
CLOSED opened by Felix Wiemann

Error in representation of complex numbers (2004-08-22)
CLOSED opened by Raymond Hettinger

mimetypes add_type has bogus self parameter (2004-08-22) opened by Cliff Wells

Unspecific errors with metaclass (2004-08-23) opened by Thomas Heller

optparse: parser.remove_option("-h") inconsistency (2004-08-23) opened by strop

Missing urllib.urlretrieve docs (2004-08-23) opened by David Abrahams

Misc/NEWS no valid reStructuredText (2004-08-24) opened by Felix Wiemann

Misc/ (2004-08-24) opened by Felix Wiemann

"article id" in description of NNTP objects (2004-08-24) opened by Felix Wiemann

cgi.FieldStorage.__len__ eventually throws TypeError (2004-08-24) opened by Andreas Ames

Create cgi.FieldStorage._get_new_instance method as factory (2004-08-24) opened by Andreas Ames

readline broken (2004-08-24)
CLOSED opened by Walter Dörwald

Bugs Closed

dictionary referencing error (2004-08-19) closed by rhettinger

weakref.WeakValueDictionary should override .has_key() (2004-08-19) closed by rhettinger

str.join([ str-subtype-instance ]) misbehaves (2004-07-30) closed by rhettinger

compile errors on _codecs_iso2022.c (2004-08-09) closed by perky

SGI (IRIX 6.5.24) Error building _codecs_iso2022.c (2004-08-11) closed by perky

Warning in cjkcodecs/iso2022common.h (2004-07-16) closed by perky

test_queue fails occasionally (2004-08-17) closed by mwh

Can't pipe input to a python program (2004-08-20) closed by tim_one

xmlrpclib, PEP291, "yield" (2004-08-16) closed by loewis

xmlrpclib, PEP291, "yield" (2004-08-16) closed by loewis

logging.getLevelName returns a number (2004-08-12) closed by vsajip

Python Tutorial 3.1.4 List example (2004-08-21) closed by perky

optparse indents without respect to $COLUMNS (2004-01-16) closed by jlgijsbers

Win XP DEP prevents Python call to 'C' DLL (2004-08-21) closed by loewis

Index entries with "_" are wrong in pdf file (2004-08-09) closed by nnorwitz

xmlrpclib and backward compatibility (2003-11-15) closed by loewis

Error in Chapter 4 of Tutorial (2004-08-22) closed by rhettinger with mode w|bz2 (2004-08-22) closed by loewis

Error in representation of complex numbers (2004-08-22) closed by loewis

Cmd in thread segfaults after Ctrl-C (2004-06-06) closed by mwh

2.3.4 fails build on solaris 10 - complexobject.c (2004-06-10) closed by mwh

readline broken (2004-08-24) closed by nnorwitz

New / Reopened RFE

Standard exceptions are hostile to Unicode (2004-08-20) opened by Marius Gedminas

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