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I cant get result from PyRun_File maybe someone can get me in the right

Follow code:
PyObject* localDict;
PyObject* mainModule;
PyObject* mainModuleDict;
int i=Py_file_input;



if(mainModule==NULL) { }
localDict = PyDict_New();
FILE *fpOut = fopen ("temp.py", "w");

fwrite (tempStr , 1 , hdlsize, fpOut);


FILE *fpIn = fopen ("temp.py", "r+");

//int tempPyResult = PyRun_SimpleFile (fpIn,
PyObject* tempPyResult =
PyRun_File(fpIn,"temp.py",i,mainModuleDict,localDi ct);
int lenTempPyResult = PyString_Size(tempPyResult);
char* stempPyResult = PyString_AsString(tempPyResult);

end code

When i try to read tempPyResult i cant get result?

I know that maybe is easy but i can figure out!

Please Help!
Thanks Rob
Jul 18 '05 #1
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