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scp in python

Is there a scp (ssh) written in Python ?


Jul 18 '05 #1
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On Wed, 17 Sep 2003 13:49:36 +0200, rumours say that "Michael"
<qw****@tiscalimail.nl> might have written:
Is there a scp (ssh) written in Python ?

import google
google.search("python ssh")
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Jul 18 '05 #2
Michael wrote:

Is there a scp (ssh) written in Python ?

Yes, no... this might help: http://groups.google.com/groups?q=co...on+scp+pexpect

Jul 18 '05 #3
"Michael" <qw****@tiscalimail.nl> writes:
Is there a scp (ssh) written in Python ?

conch (part of twisted) has something to do with ssh... dunno if it
does scp or how hard it would be to extend it to do it if it doesn't.


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Jul 18 '05 #4
"Michael" <qw****@tiscalimail.nl> wrote previously:
|Is there a scp (ssh) written in Python ?

If it's worth anything, in my latest installment on Twisted, for IBM


I write a trivial 'scp' client as an example.

Twisted is almost certainly overkill if you just need scp, and my
example does about a tenth of what a real client should. But you could
easily develop a real one using the same ideas.

Yours, David...

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