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MySQLdb: execute query results...

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I have searched for an answer to this question on the comp.lang.python
archives at Google Groups, and also looked through the (sparse) MySQLdb
documentation, and cannot confirm for a FACT what I think I know.

Looking for affirmation before I go "assuming" something and getting myself
into trouble somewhere along the line...

Here is what I *think* I know...let me know if I'm wrong, for crying out

If I do something like:
db = MySQLdb.connect(passwd="mypass", host="localhost", .... db="mydb", user="myusername") c = db.cursor()
and then later do:
result = c.execute("""<some proper MySQL query here>""")
doesn't result always return the number of affected rows?

As a more concrete example:

I made the following table:

mysql> CREATE TABLE example(
-> name VARCHAR(14),
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.03 sec)
And then in Python did the following INSERTS and UPDATE:
c.execute("""INSERT INTO example (name, AGE, COUNTRY) VALUES ("sheila", 29, "US");""") 1L c.execute("""INSERT INTO example (name, AGE, COUNTRY) VALUES ("arthur", 23, "NL");""") 1L c.execute("""INSERT INTO example (name, AGE, COUNTRY) VALUES ("bob", 29, "US");""") 1L result = c.execute("""UPDATE example SET AGE=30 WHERE AGE=29;""")

Can I *RELY* on that "2L" result of the UPDATE statement under the cursor's
"execute" method representing the number of rows updated? Or am I assuming
too much?

Like I say, I looked through several sources, including my O'Reilly MySQL
book and cannot verify this for a fact from docs.

I did find this, however:

"UPDATE returns the number of rows that were actually changed. In MySQL
Version 3.22 or later, the C API function mysql_info() returns the number
of rows that were matched and updated and the number of warnings that
occurred during the UPDATE. "

Which seems to corroborate, although they are not referring to the Python
DB-API specifically.

Thanks for any clarification on this matter,
Sheila King
Jul 18 '05 #1
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On Sun, 31 Aug 2003 19:14:00 -0500, mackstann <ma**> wrote in
comp.lang.python in article
<ma********************************** >:
Looked in site-packages/MySQLdb/, and it seems you are
from MySQLdb import cursors

Help on method execute in module MySQLdb.cursors:

execute(self, query, args=None) unbound MySQLdb.cursors.BaseCursor
Execute a query.


Returns long integer rows affected, if any


Thanks for the confirmation. I didn't look at the source code. :/

Much appreciated,
Sheila King
Jul 18 '05 #2

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