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MoinMoin - Can't create new pages

I've checked all the FAQs and help - spent a couple of hours on this
now and it's really bugging me.

I've got Moin 1.3.5 installed on IIS 5.0.
I can view and edit pages without any problems, but cannot create new
pages - either trough the GUI, or by creating a new WikiName and
clicking on it.
I'm stumped as to whether this is a Moin ACL problem (played around a
lot with this, but to no avail) or perhaps an IIS config problem
(though the Web Account has full control to the data directory).
The Wiki is an internal intranet one for our development group, so I
don't really care if everyone is an admin, I just need to be able to
create new pages anyway.

Here is my wikiconfig.py
FILE START >>>> # -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
# IMPORTANT! This encoding (charset) setting MUST be correct! If you
live in a
# western country and you don't know that you use utf-8, you probably
want to
# use iso-8859-1 (or some other iso charset). If you use utf-8 (a
# encoding) you MUST use: coding: utf-8
# That setting must match the encoding your editor uses when you modify
# settings below. If it does not, special non-ASCII chars will be

MoinMoin - Configuration for a single wiki

If you run a single wiki only, you can omit the farmconfig.py
file and just use wikiconfig.py - it will be used for every request
we get in that case.

Note that there are more config options than you'll find in
the version of this file that is installed by default; see
the module MoinMoin.multiconfig for a full list of names and their
default values.

Also, the URL http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/HelpOnConfiguration
a list of config options.

@copyright: 2000-2005 by Juergen Hermann <jh@web.de>
@license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.

from MoinMoin.multiconfig import DefaultConfig
class Config(DefaultConfig):

# Wiki identity

# Site name, used by default for wiki name-logo [Unicode]
sitename = u'ISS Wiki'

# Wiki logo. You can use an image, text or both. [Unicode]
# Example: u'<img src="/wiki/mywiki.png" alt="My Wiki">My Wiki'
# For no logo or text, use ''
logo_string = sitename

# The interwiki name used in interwiki links
interwikiname = None
# Critical setup

# Misconfiguration here will render your wiki unusable. Check that
# all directories are accessible by the web server or moin server.

# If you encounter problems, try to set data_dir and
# to absolute paths.

# Where your mutable wiki pages are. You want to make regular
# backups of this directory.
data_dir = './data/'

# Where read-only system and help page are. You might want to share
# this directory between several wikis. When you update MoinMoin,
# you can safely replace the underlay directory with a new one.
# directory is part of MoinMoin distribution, you don't have to
# backup it.
data_underlay_dir = './underlay/'

# This must be '/wiki' for twisted and standalone. For CGI, it
# match your Apache Alias setting.
url_prefix = '/wiki'
# Security

# Security critical actions (disabled by default)
# Uncomment to enable options you like.
#allowed_actions = ['DeletePage', 'AttachFile', 'RenamePage']

# Enable acl (0 to disable)
acl_enabled = 1

# IMPORTANT: grant yourself admin rights! replace YourName with
# your user name. See HelpOnAccessControlLists for more help.
# All acl_rights_xxx options must use unicode [Unicode]
acl_rights_before =
u"arkprod\it_32564:read,write,delete,revert,adm in"

# Link spam protection for public wikis (Uncomment to enable)
# Needs a reliable internet connection.
#from MoinMoin.util.antispam import SecurityPolicy

# Mail

# Configure to enable subscribing to pages (disabled by default)
# or sending forgotten passwords.

# SMTP server, e.g. "mail.provider.com" (empty or None to disable
mail_smarthost = ""

# The return address, e.g "My Wiki <no*****@mywiki.org>"
mail_from = ""

# "user pwd" if you need to use SMTP AUTH
mail_login = ""
# User interface

# Add your wikis important pages at the end. It is not recommended
# remove the default links. Leave room for user links - don't use
# more than 6 short items.
# You MUST use Unicode strings here, but you need not use localized
# page names for system and help pages, those will be used
# according to the user selected language. [Unicode]
navi_bar = [
# Will use page_front_page, (default FrontPage)

# The default theme anonymous or new users get
theme_default = 'modern'
# Language options

# See http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/ConfigMarket for configuration
# YOUR language that other people contributed.

# The main wiki language, set the direction of the wiki pages
default_lang = 'en'

# You must use Unicode strings here [Unicode]
page_category_regex = u'^Category[A-Z]'
page_dict_regex = u'[a-z]Dict$'
page_form_regex = u'[a-z]Form$'
page_group_regex = u'[a-z]Group$'
page_template_regex = u'[a-z]Template$'

# Content options

# Show users hostnames in RecentChanges
show_hosts = 1

# Enumerate headlines?
show_section_numbers = 0

# Charts size, require gdchart (Set to None to disable).
chart_options = {'width': 600, 'height': 300}> FILE END >>>>>>

Oct 25 '05 #1
4 39379
I should have mentioned that the error message I keep getting is the ol
HTTP 404 - "The page cannot be found"

Oct 25 '05 #2
I've tried the [[NewPage]] macro and that works, but still no joy with
the WikiName links. Well that's a work around for now, but it'd still
be great to know why the other methods don't work...

Oct 25 '05 #3
ferg, did you get any more replies on this, or figure it out somehow?

I've got exactly the same problem with IIS5, W2K and Moin 1.3.5 - works
fine except gives 404 for non-existent pages.

Nov 2 '05 #4
In case anyone else finds this thread, the solution is that for Moin >=
1.3.5, the 404 handling in IIS has to be changed for the Wiki Virtual

See my blog at http://www.bloglines.com/blog/Kolossi?id=13 for details.

Nov 11 '05 #5

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