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bettering my python

7 New Member
Hi guys

Firstly I would like to thank all those people who answer these questions on Bytes. Really you guys are fantastic.

Now I have seen guys post code on this site and some gurus come along and reduce it to a few lines of readable, frankly sexy code. I would love to see how optimised you guys can get this, just so I can learn from you.

General overview:

I create a folder with different files extracted from an incoming mail readying to be processed by different open office programs. Ie .xls for calc .doc for writer.
Later in the process I will make use of unoconv to handle this but:
I have created a whitelist of files I accept, though should there be an attachment with a file extension not supported the script then copies the downloaded email to an ignore folder for manual processing. But I will still process the remaining attachments, that is why i dont throw and exception.

I would love to optimise _locate_not_sup ported and _file_extension _check and get it to lovely readable pythonic

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  2.     def _file_extension_check(self):
  3.         '''check for ext validity, if none still return true just'''
  4.         self.logger.info("checking file extension validity")
  5.         whitelist = "*.pdf","*.rtf","*.doc","*.xls","*.tif","*.tiff"
  6.         root = root=self.currentEmailAttachmentsPath
  7.         pdfgen  = self._locate(whitelist[0], root)
  8.         rtfgen  = self._locate(whitelist[1], root)
  9.         docgen  = self._locate(whitelist[2], root)
  10.         xlsgen  = self._locate(whitelist[3], root)
  11.         tifgen  = self._locate(whitelist[4], root)
  12.         tiffgen = self._locate(whitelist[5], root)
  13.         self._locate_not_supported(whitelist, root)
  14.         return 1
  16.     def _locate_not_supported(self, patterns, root=None):
  17.         for path, dirs, files in os.walk(os.path.abspath(root)):
  18.             for file in files:
  19.                 name, ext = os.path.splitext(file)
  20.                 if ext != patterns[0][1:] and \
  21.                     ext != patterns[1][1:] and \
  22.                     ext != patterns[2][1:] and \
  23.                     ext != patterns[3][1:] and \
  24.                     ext != patterns[4][1:] and \
  25.                     ext != patterns[5][1:]:
  26.                     self._email_to_ignore_folder()
  27.                 else:
  28.                     return
  30.     def _locate(self,pattern, root=None):
  31.         for path, dirs, files in os.walk(os.path.abspath(root)):
  32.             for filename in fnmatch.filter(files, pattern):
  33.                 yield os.path.join(path, filename)
  35.     def _email_to_ignore_folder(self):
  36.         self.logger.info("email sent to ignore folder")
  37.         print self._emailpath + self._ignorefolder
  38.         shutil.move(self.currentEmailPath, self._emailpath + self._ignorefolder)
Thank you so much!
Oct 13 '08 #1
5 1540
2,851 Recognized Expert Moderator Specialist
You should call os.walk() once instead of multiple times. This example does just that. Maybe you could do something similar in your code.
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  1. import os
  3. def dir_list(dir_name, whitelist):
  4.     outputList = []
  5.     for root, dirs, files in os.walk(dir_name):
  6.         for f in files:
  7.             if os.path.splitext(f)[1] in whitelist:
  8.                 outputList.append(os.path.join(root, f))
  9.             else:
  10.                 # send to ignore folder??
  11.     return outputList
  13. dir_name = 'your_directory'
  14. print '\n'.join(dir_list(dir_name, ['.txt', '.tif']))
Oct 13 '08 #2
7 New Member
fantastic, thank you so much that is exactly what I was looking for!

I never realised that:
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  1. if os.path.splitext(f)[1] in whitelist:
was possible, but now it makes complete sense!

Kind regards
Oct 14 '08 #3
7 New Member
How about this?

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  1.     def _email_to_(self, where):
  2.         self.logger.info("sent email to %s folder" % where)
  3.         if self.emailDestination == None:
  4.             self.emailDestination = where
  6.     def _pidgeon_hole_email(self):
  7.         if self.emailDestination == "completed":
  8.             shutil.move(self.currentEmailPath, self._emailpath + self._completedfolder)
  9.         elif self.emailDestination == "ignore":
  10.             shutil.move(self.currentEmailPath, self._emailpath + self._ignorefolder)
  11.         elif self.emailDestination == "error":
  12.             shutil.move(self.currentEmailPath, self._emailpath + self._errorfolder)
  14.         self.emailDestination = None
What cool way is there to pythonise the above?

this is the main method making use of these classes methods above
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  1.     def process_inbox(self):
  2.         self._getconfig()    
  3.         self._setup_logger()
  4.         self.logger.info("starting to digest emails")
  5.         self._contains_emails()
  6.         for self.currentEmailPath in self.emailsPathsInInbox:
  7.             if self._extract_attachments():
  8.                 self._file_extension_check()
  9.                 if self._convert():
  10.                     if self._update_database():
  11.                         self._email_to_("completed")
  12.                     else:
  13.                         self._email_to_("error")
  14.                 else:
  15.                     self._email_to_("error")
  16.             self._pidgeon_hole_email()
Thanks so much
Oct 14 '08 #4
2,851 Recognized Expert Moderator Specialist
Not that there is anything "uncool" about your code, you could do this:
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  1. def _pidgeon_hole_email(self):
  2.     # possible values 'completed', 'ignore', 'error'
  3.     folder = getattr(self, "_%sfolder" % self.emailDestination, None)
  4.     if folder:
  5.         shutil.move(self.currentEmailPath, self._emailpath + folder)
  6.     self.emailDestination = None
Oct 19 '08 #5
7 New Member
oh i got you, actually your way is better!

Thanks for that!
Oct 20 '08 #6

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