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How to inser (anyting I print) to the textbox (TKinter) ?try but it hang? pleas help

17 New Member
when I wont to inser (anyting I print) to the textbox it will not inser
it just print then hanging

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  1. # a look at the Tkinter Text widget
  3. # use ctrl+c to copy, ctrl+x to cut selected text,
  5. # ctrl+v to paste, and ctrl+/ to select all
  6.   # count words in a text and show the first ten items
  7. # by decreasing frequency
  9. import Tkinter as tk
  10. import os, glob
  11. import sys
  12. import string
  13. import re
  14. import tkFileDialog      
  15. def most_frequant_word():    
  16. browser= tkFileDialog.askdirectory()
  17. #browser= os.listdir(a)
  20. for root, dirs, files in os.walk(browser):
  21.     print 'Looking into %s' % root.split('\\')[-1]
  22.     print 'Found %d dirs and %d files' % (len(dirs), len(files))
  23.     #text1.insert(tk.INSERT,'Looking into %s' % root.split('\\')[-1])
  24.     #text1.insert(tk.INSERT, 'Found %d dirs and %d files' % (len(dirs), len(files)))
  25.     for idx, file in enumerate(files):
  26.      print 'File #%d: %s' % (idx + 1, file)
  27.       #text1.insert(tk.INSERT, 'File #%d: %s' % (idx + 1, file))
  28.      ff = open (os.path.join(root, file), "r")
  29.      text = ff.read ( )
  30.      ff.close ( )
  31.      word_freq = {}
  33.      word_list = text.strip().split()
  35.      for word in word_list:
  36.       word = word.lower().rstrip('.,/"-_;\\[]()')
  38.       if word.isalpha():
  39.                 # build the dictionary
  40.        count = word_freq.get(word, 0)
  41.        word_freq[word] = count + 1
  43.        # create a list of (freq, word) tuples
  44.        freq_list = [(freq, word) for word, freq in word_freq.items()]
  46.        # sort the list by the first element in each tuple (default)
  47.        freq_list.sort(reverse=True)
  49.      for n, tup in enumerate(freq_list):
  50.     # print the first ten items
  51.       if n < 50:
  52.         print "%s times: %s" % tup
  53.         text1.insert(tk.INSERT, freq)
  54.         text1.insert(tk.INSERT, word)
  55.         text1.insert(tk.INSERT, "\n")
  57. raw_input('\nHit enter to exit')
  59. root = tk.Tk(className = " most_frequant_word")
  60. # text entry field, width=width chars, height=lines text
  61. v1 = tk.StringVar()
  62. text1 = tk.Text(root, width=50, height=20, bg='green')
  63. text1.pack()
  64. # function listed in command will be executed on button click
  65. button1 = tk.Button(root, text='Brows', command=most_frequant_word)
  66. button1.pack(pady=5)
  67. text1.focus()
  68. root.mainloop()
code try to insert to the textbox
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  1. print "%s times: %s" % tup
  2.         text1.insert(tk.INSERT, freq)
  3.         text1.insert(tk.INSERT, word)
  4.         text1.insert(tk.INSERT, "\n")
when I wont to insert file name and directory to the textbox it will hang also
code is comment
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. print 'Looking into %s' % root.split('\\')[-1]
  2.     print 'Found %d dirs and %d files' % (len(dirs), len(files))
  3.     #text1.insert(tk.INSERT,'Looking into %s' % root.split('\\')[-1])
  4.     #text1.insert(tk.INSERT, 'Found %d dirs and %d files' % (len(dirs), len(files)))
  5.     for idx, file in enumerate(files):
  6.      print 'File #%d: %s' % (idx + 1, file)
  7.       #text1.insert(tk.INSERT, 'File #%d: %s' % (idx + 1, file))
Mar 21 '08 #1
2 2693
314 Contributor
Please stop spamming the forum with multiple posts of the same question. It would also be very helpful if you could clarify your questions further, as they are not always easy to understand.

Your problem here is that you are not adapting the code that we have provided for you to work for your own purposes. You're simply copying and pasting without bothering to understand what the code is doing.

I have fixed the code that you posted, but I won't bother posting it. After figuring out the blatant syntax errors, all I had to do was remove the raw_input("Hit enter to exit") line. Which leads me to believe you didn't take the time to figure out what purpose that line served.

Additionally, "frequant" and "brows" should be frequent and browse.
Mar 21 '08 #2
17 New Member
Firstly thank you very much for your help

Secondly I am really sorry for madding you angry

Thirdly I promise I will not do it again
Mar 21 '08 #3

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