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draw an image in wx.BufferedDC onto the page created by AddPage of wx.Notebook

Hi everyone,
I have tried two days to figure out how to draw the image in
wx.BufferedDC on the page created by AddPage of wx.Notebook but still
got no clue.

The attached example works fine. If I click the menu "Draw" --"New
Drawing". The image with wx.BufferedDC/wx.BufferedPain tDC can move
around on the frame. But If I uncomment those three commented lines in
"class TestFrame" to add a new page (from wx.Notebook) with a tag and
modify the last line like
self.Window = DrawWindow(form 2)
I can not see the image from wx.BufferedDC anywhere and don't know what
is going on.

I need your help. Thanks a lot.
The attached example is based on the example on the site:

import wx
import random
import os,time


def opj(path):
"""Convert paths to the platform-specific separator"""
str = apply(os.path.j oin, tuple(path.spli t('/')))
# HACK: on Linux, a leading / gets lost...
if path.startswith ('/'):
str = '/' + str
return str
class BufferedWindow( wx.Window):
def __init__(self, parent, id,
pos = wx.DefaultPosit ion,
size = wx.DefaultSize,
wx.Window.__ini t__(self, parent, id, pos, size, style)

self.Bind(wx.EV T_PAINT, self.OnPaint)
self.Bind(wx.EV T_SIZE, self.OnSize)

self.bmp0 = wx.Image(opj('i mage.bmp'), wx.BITMAP_TYPE_ BMP)
self.bmp0.SetMa sk(True)
self.bmp = self.bmp0.Rotat e(1.1215, (50,10), True,None)
self.bmp = self.bmp.Conver tToBitmap()
self.x = 100
self.y = 100
self.angle = 0.0
self.OnSize(Non e)

def Draw(self,dc):

def OnPaint(self, event):
dc = wx.BufferedPain tDC(self, self._Buffer)
dc = wx.PaintDC(self )
dc.DrawBitmap(s elf._Buffer,0,0 )

def OnSize(self,eve nt):
self.Width, self.Height = self.GetClientS izeTuple()
self._Buffer = wx.EmptyBitmap( self.Width, self.Height)
self.UpdateDraw ing()

def SaveToFile(self ,FileName,FileT ype):
self._Buffer.Sa veFile(FileName ,FileType)

def UpdateDrawing(s elf):
dc = wx.BufferedDC(w x.ClientDC(self ), self._Buffer)
# update the buffer
dc = wx.MemoryDC()
dc.SelectObject (self._Buffer)

# update the screen
wx.ClientDC(sel f).Blit(0, 0, self.Width, self.Height, dc,
0, 0)

class DrawWindow(Buff eredWindow):
def __init__(self, parent, id = -1):
BufferedWindow. __init__(self, parent, id)

def Draw(self, dc):
dc.BeginDrawing ()
dc.SetBackgroun d( wx.Brush("White ") )
dc.Clear() # make sure you clear the bitmap!
bmp = self.bmp0.Rotat e(self.angle, (self.x,self.y) , True,None)
bmp = bmp.ConvertToBi tmap()
dc.DrawBitmap(b mp, self.x,self.y, True)

class TestFrame(wx.Fr ame):
def __init__(self):
wx.Frame.__init __(self, None, -1, "Double Buffered Test",
wx.DefaultPosit ion,

MenuBar = wx.MenuBar()
file_menu = wx.Menu()
ID_EXIT_MENU = wx.NewId()
file_menu.Appen d(ID_EXIT_MENU, "E&xit","Termin ate the program")
self.Bind(wx.EV T_MENU, self.OnQuit, id=ID_EXIT_MENU )
MenuBar.Append( file_menu, "&File")

draw_menu = wx.Menu()
ID_DRAW_MENU = wx.NewId()
draw_menu.Appen d(ID_DRAW_MENU, "&New Drawing","Updat e the
Drawing Data")
self.Bind(wx.EV T_MENU, self.NewDrawing , id=ID_DRAW_MENU )
BMP_ID = wx.NewId()
draw_menu.Appen d(BMP_ID,'&Save Drawing\tAlt-I','')
self.Bind(wx.EV T_MENU, self.SaveToFile , id=BMP_ID)
MenuBar.Append( draw_menu, "&Draw")

self.SetMenuBar (MenuBar)

#nb = wx.Notebook(sel f, -1)
#form2 = Form2(nb, -1)
#nb.AddPage(for m2, "Sizers")

self.Window = DrawWindow(self )

def OnQuit(self,eve nt):
self.Close(True )

def NewDrawing(self ,event):
if event==None:
self.Window.Upd ateDrawing()
self.Window.y = 100
for i in range(10):
self.Window.y = self.Window.y + 5
self.Window.ang le = self.Window.ang le+0.1*1
self.Window.Upd ateDrawing()

def SaveToFile(self ,event):
dlg = wx.FileDialog(s elf, "Choose a file name to save the image
as a PNG to",
defaultDir = "",
defaultFile = "",
wildcard = "*.png",
if dlg.ShowModal() == wx.ID_OK:
self.Window.Sav eToFile(dlg.Get Path(),wx.BITMA P_TYPE_PNG)

class Form2(wx.Panel) :
def __init__(self, parent, id):
wx.Panel.__init __(self, parent, -1)

class DemoApp(wx.App) :
def OnInit(self):
wx.InitAllImage Handlers() # called so a PNG can be saved
frame = TestFrame()
frame.Show(True )

frame.NewDrawin g(None)

self.SetTopWind ow(frame)

return True

if __name__ == "__main__":
app = DemoApp(0)

Aug 10 '06 #1
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zxo102 wrote:
Hi everyone,
I have tried two days to figure out how to draw the image in
wx.BufferedDC on the page created by AddPage of wx.Notebook but still
got no clue.

The attached example works fine. If I click the menu "Draw" --"New
Drawing". The image with wx.BufferedDC/wx.BufferedPain tDC can move
around on the frame. But If I uncomment those three commented lines in
"class TestFrame" to add a new page (from wx.Notebook) with a tag and
modify the last line like
self.Window = DrawWindow(form 2)
I can not see the image from wx.BufferedDC anywhere and don't know what
is going on.

I need your help. Thanks a lot.
Have you tried http://wiki.wxpython.org/index.cgi/Asking_For_Help


Aug 10 '06 #2

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