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problem with regex

I have a regex: '[A-Za-z]:\\([^/:\*\?"<>\|])*'

when I do, re.compile('[A-Za-z]:\\([^/:\*\?"<>\|])*') ...I get

sre_constants.e rror: unbalanced parenthesis

do i need to escape something else? i see that i have matching


Jul 28 '06 #1
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abcd wrote:
I have a regex: '[A-Za-z]:\\([^/:\*\?"<>\|])*'

when I do, re.compile('[A-Za-z]:\\([^/:\*\?"<>\|])*') ...I get

sre_constants.e rror: unbalanced parenthesis

do i need to escape something else? i see that i have matching
You should use raw string:



Jul 28 '06 #2
On 28 Jul 2006 05:45:05 -0700, abcd <co*******@gmai l.comwrote:
I have a regex: '[A-Za-z]:\\([^/:\*\?"<>\|])*'

when I do, re.compile('[A-Za-z]:\\([^/:\*\?"<>\|])*') ...I get

sre_constants.e rror: unbalanced parenthesis

do i need to escape something else? i see that i have matching


Try making the argument a raw string:
Jul 28 '06 #3
when I do, re.compile('[A-Za-z]:\\([^/:\*\?"<>\|])*') ...I get
sre_constants.e rror: unbalanced parenthesis

Because you're not using raw strings, the escapables become
escaped, making your regexp something like


(because it knows what "\\" is, but likely doesn't attribute
significance to "\?" or "\|", and thus leaves them alone).

Thus, you have "\(" in your regexp, which is a literal
open-paren. But you have a ")", which is a "close a grouping"
paren. The error is indicating that the "close a grouping" paren
doesn't close some previously opened paren.

General good practice shoves all this stuff in a raw string:


which solves much of the headache.


Jul 28 '06 #4
well thanks for the quick replies, but now my regex doesn't work.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. import re
  2. p = re.compile(r'[A-Za-z]:\\([^/:\*?"<>\|])*')
  4. x = p.match("c:\test")
x is None

any ideas why? i escape the back-slash, the asterisk *, and the PIPE |
.....b/c they are regex special characters.

Jul 28 '06 #5
sorry i forgot to escape the question mark...
import re
p = re.compile(r'[A-Za-z]:\\([^/:\*?"<>\|])*')
even when I escape that it still doesnt work as expected.

p = re.compile(r'[A-Za-z]:\\([^/:\*\?"<>\|])*')

p.match('c:\tes t') still returns None.

Jul 28 '06 #6
p = re.compile(r'[A-Za-z]:\\([^/:\*?"<>\|])*')
x = p.match("c:\tes t")
any ideas why? i escape the back-slash, the asterisk *, and the PIPE |
....b/c they are regex special characters.

Same problem, only now in the other string:
>>s = "c:\test"
print s
c: est

Your "\t" is interpreted as as tab character. Thus, you want

s = r"c:\test"


s = "c:\\test"

which you'll find should now be successfully found with



Jul 28 '06 #7
Sybren Stuvel wrote:
Yes, because after the "c:" you expect a backslash, and not a tab
character. Read the manual again about raw strings and character
escaping, it'll do you good.

doh. i shall do that.


Jul 28 '06 #8
not sure why this passes:

>>regex = r'[A-Za-z]:\\([^/:\*\?"<>\|])*'
p = re.compile(rege x)
p.match('c:\\ test')
<_sre.SRE_Mat ch object at 0x009D77E0>
>>p.match('c:\\ test?:/')
<_sre.SRE_Mat ch object at 0x009D7720>
the last example shouldnt give a match

Jul 28 '06 #9
>>>regex = r'[A-Za-z]:\\([^/:\*\?"<>\|])*'
>>>p = re.compile(rege x)
p.match('c:\ \test')
<_sre.SRE_Mat ch object at 0x009D77E0>
>>>p.match('c:\ \test?:/')
<_sre.SRE_Mat ch object at 0x009D7720>

the last example shouldnt give a match
Ah, but it should, because it *does* match.
>>m = p.match('c:\\te st?:/')
>># add a "$" at the end to anchor it
# to the end of the line
regex = r'[A-Za-z]:\\([^/:\*\?"<>\|])*$'
p = re.compile(rege x)
m = p.match('c:\\te st?:/')
By adding the "$" to ensure that you're matching the whole string
passed to match() and not just as much as possible given the
regexp, you solve the problem you describe.


Jul 28 '06 #10

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