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SWIG/IDLE/Python: F5 SHIP.py works but "import SHIP" gives "ImportErro r: dynamic module does not define init function (initSHIP)"

I am working with MSVC6 on Windows XP.

I have created an MSVC project called SHIP

I have a file SHIP.i with "%module SHIP" as the first line (file is below).

I run SHIP.i through SWIG 1.3.24 to obtain SHIP_wrap.cpp and SHIP.py; the
latter contains the line "import _SHIP".

I compile SHIP_wrap.cpp and a bunch of files into a DLL which I have the
linker place in _SHIP.pyd and all goes well.

I start IDLE (version 1.1.1, with Python 2.4.1)

If I open SHIP.py in an edit window and run it (using F5) it runs and if I
do >>> _SHIP.__dict__. keys() I get a load of function names which are like
the ones I'd expect (new_BallScrew for example, where BallScrew is one of my
classes [and is the interface class to the thing I am really interested in
which is already called BallScrewC, before you ask]).

Then I can do things like:
bs = BallScrew(0) bs.Stop() del bs

They work fine. Except of course I really want to put all that stuff in a
script, say test1.py:

import SHIP # This is where my problems begin.

bs = BallScrew(0)



del bs

Which I do and when I run test1.py using F5, the line "import SHIP" in
test1.py produces:

ImportError: dynamic module does not define init function (initSHIP)

So, why can I run SHIP.py straight into Python using F5 but not import it
either directly (>>> import SHIP gives the same error) or indirectly when I
am running another file?

One way round this (though I would like to solve this problem as it will
make things easier as the application grows) is for F5 in IDLE not to
restart the Python interpreter.

My aim is for an engineer to be able to use IDLE to write programs to test
hardware without having to learn C++ to access my OO interface. IDLE and
Python are ideal but I want to make it easy for them to load the interface
(i.e. SHIP) between Python and my OO interface.

Many thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions,


PS I posted this to sw**@cs.uchicag o.edu but it did not seem to get through.

000000000000000 000000000000000 000000000000000 00000000000


%module SHIP


#include "SHIPIF.hpp "


%include "SHIPIF.hpp "

000000000000000 000000000000000 000000000000000 00000000000

SHIP.py (with no initSHIP L ):

# This file was created automatically by SWIG.

# Don't modify this file, modify the SWIG interface instead.

# This file is compatible with both classic and new-style classes.

import _SHIP

def _swig_setattr_n ondynamic(self, class_type,name ,value,static=1 ):

if (name == "this"):

if isinstance(valu e, class_type):

self.__dict__[name] = value.this

if hasattr(value," thisown"): self.__dict__["thisown"] = value.thisown

del value.thisown


method = class_type.__sw ig_setmethods__ .get(name,None)

if method: return method(self,val ue)

if (not static) or hasattr(self,na me) or (name == "thisown"):

self.__dict__[name] = value


raise AttributeError( "You cannot add attributes to %s" % self)

def _swig_setattr(s elf,class_type, name,value):

return _swig_setattr_n ondynamic(self, class_type,name ,value,0)

def _swig_getattr(s elf,class_type, name):

method = class_type.__sw ig_getmethods__ .get(name,None)

if method: return method(self)

raise AttributeError, name

import types


_object = types.ObjectTyp e

_newclass = 1

except AttributeError:

class _object : pass

_newclass = 0

del types

ToString = _SHIP.ToString

class ObjectCounterC( _object):

__swig_setmetho ds__ = {}

__setattr__ = lambda self, name, value: _swig_setattr(s elf, ObjectCounterC,
name, value)

__swig_getmetho ds__ = {}

__getattr__ = lambda self, name: _swig_getattr(s elf, ObjectCounterC, name)

def __repr__(self):

return "<%s.%s; proxy of C++ ObjectCounterC instance at %s>" %
(self.__class__ .__module__, self.__class__. __name__, self.this,)

def __init__(self, *args):

_swig_setattr(s elf, ObjectCounterC, 'this', _SHIP.new_Objec tCounterC(*args ))

_swig_setattr(s elf, ObjectCounterC, 'thisown', 1)

def __del__(self, destroy=_SHIP.d elete_ObjectCou nterC):


if self.thisown: destroy(self)

except: pass

class ObjectCounterCP tr(ObjectCounte rC):

def __init__(self, this):

_swig_setattr(s elf, ObjectCounterC, 'this', this)

if not hasattr(self,"t hisown"): _swig_setattr(s elf, ObjectCounterC,
'thisown', 0)

_swig_setattr(s elf, ObjectCounterC, self.__class__, ObjectCounterC)

_SHIP.ObjectCou nterC_swigregis ter(ObjectCount erCPtr)

class CallBack(_objec t):

__swig_setmetho ds__ = {}

__setattr__ = lambda self, name, value: _swig_setattr(s elf, CallBack, name,

__swig_getmetho ds__ = {}

__getattr__ = lambda self, name: _swig_getattr(s elf, CallBack, name)

def __repr__(self):

return "<%s.%s; proxy of C++ CallBack instance at %s>" %
(self.__class__ .__module__, self.__class__. __name__, self.this,)

def __init__(self, *args):

_swig_setattr(s elf, CallBack, 'this', _SHIP.new_CallB ack(*args))

_swig_setattr(s elf, CallBack, 'thisown', 1)

def __del__(self, destroy=_SHIP.d elete_CallBack) :


if self.thisown: destroy(self)

except: pass

def SetResult(*args ): return _SHIP.CallBack_ SetResult(*args )

def GetResult(*args ): return _SHIP.CallBack_ GetResult(*args )

def Reset(*args): return _SHIP.CallBack_ Reset(*args)

def GetReady(*args) : return _SHIP.CallBack_ GetReady(*args)

class CallBackPtr(Cal lBack):

def __init__(self, this):

_swig_setattr(s elf, CallBack, 'this', this)

if not hasattr(self,"t hisown"): _swig_setattr(s elf, CallBack, 'thisown', 0)

_swig_setattr(s elf, CallBack,self._ _class__,CallBa ck)

_SHIP.CallBack_ swigregister(Ca llBackPtr)

class BallScrew(_obje ct):

__swig_setmetho ds__ = {}

__setattr__ = lambda self, name, value: _swig_setattr(s elf, BallScrew, name,

__swig_getmetho ds__ = {}

__getattr__ = lambda self, name: _swig_getattr(s elf, BallScrew, name)

def __repr__(self):

return "<%s.%s; proxy of C++ BallScrew instance at %s>" %
(self.__class__ .__module__, self.__class__. __name__, self.this,)

def __init__(self, *args):

_swig_setattr(s elf, BallScrew, 'this', _SHIP.new_BallS crew(*args))

_swig_setattr(s elf, BallScrew, 'thisown', 1)

def Stop(*args): return _SHIP.BallScrew _Stop(*args)

def __del__(self, destroy=_SHIP.d elete_BallScrew ):


if self.thisown: destroy(self)

except: pass

def SetNonExposeCur rent(*args): return
_SHIP.BallScrew _SetNonExposeCu rrent(*args)

def Move(*args): return _SHIP.BallScrew _Move(*args)

class BallScrewPtr(Ba llScrew):

def __init__(self, this):

_swig_setattr(s elf, BallScrew, 'this', this)

if not hasattr(self,"t hisown"): _swig_setattr(s elf, BallScrew, 'thisown', 0)

_swig_setattr(s elf, BallScrew,self. __class__,BallS crew)

_SHIP.BallScrew _swigregister(B allScrewPtr)

BallScrewCalBac kFunction = _SHIP.BallScrew CalBackFunction
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