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problem with import pylab from a website

Hello All,
I am facing a problem while importing pylab library(in a .py program file) via
web browser however the same program works when I execute it from the command
my configuration :

Fedora Core 3
Apache 2.0
python 2.3.4
postgresql 7.3.4

Error message we get:

[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] Traceback (most
recent call last):, referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] File
"/var/www/html/sensor_data/get_graph.py", line 15, in ?, referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] , referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] import pylab,
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] File
"/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/pylab.py", line 1, in ?, referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] , referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] from
matplotlib.pyla b import *, referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] File
"/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/matplotlib/pylab.py", line 184, in ?, referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] , referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] from axes import
Axes, PolarAxes, referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] File
"/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/matplotlib/axes.py", line 14, in ?, referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] , referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] from axis import
XAxis, YAxis, referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] File
"/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/matplotlib/axis.py", line 20, in ?, referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] , referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] from font_manager
import FontProperties, referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] File
"/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/matplotlib/font_manager.py ", line 942, in ?,
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] , referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] fontManager =
FontManager(), referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] File
"/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/matplotlib/font_manager.py ", line 786, in
__init__, referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] , referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] rebuild(), referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] File
"/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/matplotlib/font_manager.py ", line 780, in
rebuild, referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] , referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client]
pickle.dump(sel f.ttfdict, file(ttfcache, 'w')), referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] IOError, referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] : , referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] [Errno 13]
Permission denied: '/usr/share/matplotlib/.ttffont.cache' , referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] , referer:
[Wed Jan 19 09:43:58 2005] [error] [client] Premature end of
script headers: get_graph.py, referer:

Thanks in advance.

Jul 18 '05 #1
1 2685
je**********@ep fl.ch wrote:
Permission denied: '/usr/share/matplotlib/.ttffont.cache' , referer:

It could be that the webserver runs as a user that does not
have access to certain locations.

Jul 18 '05 #2

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