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Problem in threading

I have written a code to figure out the difference in excecution time
of a func before and after using threading...

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  1. #!/usr/bin/env python
  3. import threading
  4. import time
  5. loops = [5000,5000]
  7. def loop(self, nsec):
  8. for i in range(1,nsec):
  9. t=i*5000
  10. s=t/10*15555
  12. def main():
  13. threads = []
  14. nloops = [0,1]
  15. for i in nloops:
  16. print '\nSpawning Thread',i,' value: ',loops[i]
  17. t = threading.Thread(target=loop,args=(i, loops[i]))
  18. threads.append(t)
  20. for i in nloops: # start threads
  21. threads[i].start()
  23. for i in nloops: # wait for all
  24. threads[i].join
  26. if __name__ == '__main__':
  27. start = time.clock()
  28. loop(1,5000)
  29. print 'Time Taken: ', time.clock()-start
  30. start = time.clock()
  31. main()
  32. print 'Time Taken: ', time.clock()-start
Some times this code executes and some times it hangs to death :o(
Am I am doing something wrong?? Also the difference of time is not much...
How do we best optimize our task by using threads... please help...

Thanks and Regards,
Gurpreet Singh
Jul 18 '05
12 1765
That's an OT topic. :=)

There were lots of discussions about this topic in the old days. No need
to dive into it again.

Windows context switching overhead is very high. You would be lucky to get
it down to the mid-30ms. OS/2 can get it down to less then 10. And for
OS/2, thread swithing time is only a few machine instructions... .OT.OT.
"David Bolen" <db**@fitlinxx. com> wrote in message
news:ua******** ***@fitlinxx.co m...
"It's me" <it***@yahoo.co m> writes:
It depends on what "help" means to you. Both Windows and Unix (and it's variances) are considered "thread-weak" OSes. So, using thread will come with some cost. The long gone IBM OS/2 is a classic example of a
"thread-strong" OS.


Interesting - can you clarify what you perceive as the differences
between a thread-weak and thread-strong OS? If given the choice, I
would probably refer to Windows (at least NT based systems, let's
ignore 9x) as thread-strong, and yes, often think of Windows as
preferring thread based solutions, while Unix would often prefer
process based.

Windows is far more efficient at handling large numbers of threads
than it is processes, with much less overhead and there is lots of
flexibility in terms of managing threads and their resources. Threads
are first class OS objects at the kernel and scheduler level (waitable
and manageable).

I can't think of anything offhand specific that OS/2 did with respect
to threads that isn't as well supported by current Win32 systems.

-- David

Jul 18 '05 #11
Peter Hansen <pe***@engcorp. com> writes:
Mike Meyer wrote:
Python's threading models is pretty primitive. You get the C
model (which is error-prone), the Java model (in 2.4, and also
error-prone), or Queues.

Can you please expand on your words above? I have no idea
what you are talking about with the "Java model" and your
implication that it is something new in Python 2.4. As
far as I know, nothing significant with respect to threads
has changed in Python recently.

See <URL: http://docs.python.org/lib/module-threading.html > which
clearly has the words "New in 2.4" on it. It also says that the
threading module is loosely based on the Java model. I may have
misinterpreted what the "New in 2.4" applies to, which means that the
comment about the Java model being new in 2.4 would be wrong.

As for error-prone, both models require the programmer to always
obtain locks around critical sections, and to obtain them in an order
that prevents deadlocks, and release them in an order that prevents

There are threading models that don't require the programmer to get
the locking right. In those, you basically declare an object as
running on a different thread, and the compiler provides the
appropriate locks for each method. I went looking for a reference to
one such method, but couldn't turn it up, partly because I don't
recall whether I saw it on usenet or a mail list.

Mike Meyer <mw*@mired.or g> http://www.mired.org/home/mwm/
Independent WWW/Perforce/FreeBSD/Unix consultant, email for more information.
Jul 18 '05 #12
Mike Meyer wrote:
See <URL: http://docs.python.org/lib/module-threading.html > which
clearly has the words "New in 2.4" on it. It also says that the
threading module is loosely based on the Java model. I may have
misinterpreted what the "New in 2.4" applies to, which means that the
comment about the Java model being new in 2.4 would be wrong.

You have misinterpreted that. The "New in 2.4" part is not
so much "on" that page as it is "in" it, and specifically
it is right in the section on the new-to-2.4 class "local".

The rest of the threading module is basically unchanged since
a number of versions ago, but thanks for your clarification. :-)

Jul 18 '05 #13

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