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problem understanding pygtk

i'm trying to develop a trivial application which random copy files
from a directory to another one.

i made it using pygtk for the graphical interface, however i find
some problem with progressbar and ListStore:

basically i need to make pulse the progressbar while i'm copying files
and write filenames copied on the ListStore on to the window.

However while copying the window is frozen, even if files are copied
one by one and when the copy process finish the window is updated
This behaviour is well shown if i try to copy files to slow devices
such as usb disk.

Looking to example in pygtk i though one way to solve this problem
was using gtk.timeouts or using thread , but none of them seems
to work.

Any hints ? The code is attached here, hoping someone can help me



import pygtk
pygtk.require(' 2.0')
import gtk
import gobject
import os
import time
import sys
import random
import shutil

def progress_timeou t(pbobj):
if pbobj.transferm ode == 1:
pbobj.progbar.p ulse()
return gtk.TRUE
def copy_file(pbobj ):
if pbobj.copying == 0 and pbobj.transferm ode == 1:
pbobj.copying = 1
for f in pbobj.cplist:
shutil.copy2(f, pbobj.dstdir)
pbobj.model.app end([f])
pbobj.statusbar .push(pbobj.sta tbarCID, "Transfer Done")
pbobj.transferm ode = 0
pbobj.copying = 0
return gtk.TRUE
class RanFiles:
def listfiles(self) :
if len(self.model) >= 1:
self.model.clea r()
self.fileslist = []
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(self.pa thname):
for f in files:
self.fileslist. append(root + '/' + f)

def enter_callback( self, widget, entry):
self.dstdir = self.txtentry.g et_text()

def src_callback(se lf, widget, entry):
self.pathname = self.txtentry0. get_text()

def delete_event(se lf, widget, event, data=None):
return gtk.FALSE

def destroy(self, widget, data=None):
self.statusbar. pop(self.statba rCID)
gtk.timeout_rem ove(self.timer)
gtk.timeout_rem ove(self.timer1 )
self.timer = 0
self.timer1 = 0

def refresh_menu(se lf, widget, data=None):
self.statusbar. pop(self.statba rCID)
self.listfiles( )

def random_menu(sel f, widget, data=None):
self.statusbar. pop(self.statba rCID)
self.defsize = self.spinner.ge t_value_as_int( )
maxsize= self.defsize * 1024 * 1024
complete = 0
size = 0
while complete == 0:
file = self.fileslist[random.randint( 0,len(self.file slist)-1)]
fsize = int(os.stat(fil e)[6])
if (size + fsize) < maxsize:
self.cplist.app end(file)
size = size + fsize
complete = 1
self.transfer_m enu(widget)

def transfer_menu(s elf, widget, data=None):
if self.dstdir == "":
self.dstdir_men u(widget)

self.statusbar. pop(self.statba rCID)
self.model.clea r()
self.transfermo de = 1

def dstdir_menu(sel f, widget, data=None):
self.statusbar. pop(self.statba rCID)
dlg = gtk.FileSelecti on(title = 'Select destination directory...')
dlg.file_list.s et_sensitive(0)
dlg.set_filenam e(dir)
response = dlg.run()
if response == gtk.RESPONSE_OK :
self.dstdir = dlg.get_filenam e()
self.dstdir = '/'
self.txtentry.s et_text(self.ds tdir)
def browse_menu(sel f, widget, data=None):
self.statusbar. pop(self.statba rCID)
dir=self.pathna me+'/'
dir = "~/"
dlg = gtk.FileSelecti on(title = 'Select directory...')
dlg.file_list.s et_sensitive(0)
dlg.set_filenam e(dir)
response = dlg.run()
if response == gtk.RESPONSE_OK :
self.pathname = dlg.get_filenam e()
self.listfiles( )
self.pathname = '/'
self.txtentry0. set_text(self.p athname)

def __init__(self):
self.window = gtk.Window(gtk. WINDOW_TOPLEVEL )
self.window.set _title("Random Files")
self.window.set _geometry_hints (min_width=360, min_height=200)
self.window.con nect("delete_ev ent", self.delete_eve nt)
self.window.con nect("destroy", self.destroy)
self.pathname = "~/"
self.transfermo de = 0
self.dstdir = ""
self.defsize = 128
self.copying = 0

self.vbox1 = gtk.VBox(gtk.FA LSE,0)
self.window.add (self.vbox1)

self.hsep = gtk.HSeparator( )
self.vbox1.pack _start(self.hse p,gtk.FALSE,gtk .FALSE,0)
self.hbox0 = gtk.HBox(gtk.FA LSE,0)
self.vbox1.pack _start(self.hbo x0,gtk.FALSE, gtk.FALSE,0)

self.label0 = gtk.Label("Src Dir: ")
self.hbox0.pack _start(self.lab el0,gtk.FALSE,g tk.TRUE,0)

self.txtentry0 = gtk.Entry(max=0 )
self.txtentry0. set_text(self.p athname)
self.txtentry0. connect("activa te", self.src_callba ck, self.txtentry0)
self.hbox0.pack _start(self.txt entry0,gtk.TRUE ,gtk.TRUE,0)

self.button1 = gtk.Button(None ,"Browse")
self.button1.co nnect_object("c licked", self.browse_men u, None)
self.hbox0.pack _start(self.but ton1,gtk.FALSE, gtk.TRUE,0)

self.label9 = gtk.Label(" ")
self.hbox0.pack _start(self.lab el9,gtk.FALSE,g tk.TRUE,0)

self.hbox1 = gtk.HBox(gtk.FA LSE,0)
self.vbox1.pack _start(self.hbo x1,gtk.FALSE, gtk.FALSE,0)

self.label = gtk.Label("Dst Dir: ")
self.hbox1.pack _start(self.lab el,gtk.FALSE,gt k.TRUE,0)

self.txtentry = gtk.Entry(max=0 )
self.txtentry.s et_text(self.ds tdir)
self.txtentry.c onnect("activat e", self.enter_call back, self.txtentry)
self.hbox1.pack _start(self.txt entry,gtk.TRUE, gtk.TRUE,0)

self.button5 = gtk.Button(None ,"Browse")
self.button5.co nnect_object("c licked", self.dstdir_men u, None)
self.hbox1.pack _start(self.but ton5,gtk.FALSE, gtk.TRUE,0)

self.label1 = gtk.Label(" ")
self.hbox1.pack _start(self.lab el1,gtk.FALSE,g tk.TRUE,0)

self.hbox2 = gtk.HBox(gtk.FA LSE,0)
self.vbox1.pack _start(self.hbo x2,gtk.FALSE, gtk.FALSE,0)

self.label2 = gtk.Label("Size (MB): ")
self.hbox2.pack _start(self.lab el2,gtk.FALSE,g tk.TRUE,0)

self.adj = gtk.Adjustment( self.defsize, 1.0, 512.0, 1.0, 10.0, 0.0)
self.spinner = gtk.SpinButton( self.adj, 0, 0)
self.spinner.se t_wrap(gtk.TRUE )
self.hbox2.pack _start(self.spi nner, gtk.FALSE, gtk.TRUE, 0)

self.toolbar = gtk.Toolbar()
self.toolbar.se t_style(gtk.TOO LBAR_BOTH)
self.vbox1.pack _start(self.too lbar,gtk.FALSE, gtk.FALSE,0)

self.toolbutton 2 = gtk.ToolButton( None,"Transfer" )
self.toolbutton 2.connect_objec t("clicked", self.transfer_m enu, None)
self.toolbar.ad d(self.toolbutt on2)

self.toolbutton 3 = gtk.ToolButton( None,"Random")
self.toolbutton 3.connect_objec t("clicked", self.random_men u, None)
self.toolbar.ad d(self.toolbutt on3)

self.toolbutton 4 = gtk.ToolButton( None,"Quit")
self.toolbutton 4.connect_objec t("clicked", self.destroy, None)
self.toolbar.ad d(self.toolbutt on4)

self.scwindow = gtk.ScrolledWin dow()
self.scwindow.s et_shadow_type( gtk.SHADOW_IN)
self.vbox1.pack _start(self.scw indow,gtk.TRUE, gtk.TRUE,0)

self.model = gtk.ListStore(g object.TYPE_STR ING)
self.listfiles( )
self.treeview = gtk.TreeView(se lf.model)
self.column = gtk.TreeViewCol umn("Folder", gtk.CellRendere rText(), text=0)
self.treeview.a ppend_column(se lf.column)
self.treeview.s et_headers_visi ble(gtk.FALSE)
self.scwindow.a dd(self.treevie w)

self.hbox = gtk.HBox(gtk.TR UE,0)
self.vbox1.pack _start(self.hbo x,gtk.FALSE, gtk.FALSE,0)

self.progbar = gtk.ProgressBar ()
self.progbar.se t_orientation(g tk.PROGRESS_LEF T_TO_RIGHT)
self.progbar.se t_pulse_step(0. 1)
self.hbox.pack_ start(self.prog bar,gtk.FALSE,g tk.TRUE,0)
self.timer = gtk.timeout_add (100, progress_timeou t, self)
self.timer1 = gtk.timeout_add (100, copy_file, self)

self.statusbar = gtk.Statusbar()
self.statbarCID = self.statusbar. get_context_id( 'my stat bar')
self.hbox.pack_ start(self.stat usbar,gtk.FALSE ,gtk.TRUE,0)

self.vbox1.show ()
self.hsep.show( )
self.toolbar.sh ow()
self.toolbutton 3.show()
self.toolbutton 4.show()
self.hbox0.show ()
self.label0.sho w()
self.txtentry0. show()
self.button1.sh ow()
self.hbox1.show ()
self.label.show ()
self.label9.sho w()
self.txtentry.s how()
self.button5.sh ow()
self.label1.sho w()
self.hbox2.show ()
self.label2.sho w()
self.spinner.sh ow()
self.scwindow.s how()
self.treeview.s how()
self.hbox.show( )
self.progbar.sh ow()
self.statusbar. show()
self.window.sho w()
def main(self):

if __name__ == "__main__":
RM = RanFiles()

Samuele Giovanni Tonon <to***@students .cs.unibo.it>
5% fats, 2% cerebral activities
Jul 18 '05 #1
2 3360
In article <sl************ ******@cantina. students.cs.uni bo.it>, Samuele
Giovanni Tonon wrote:
basically i need to make pulse the progressbar while i'm copying files
and write filenames copied on the ListStore on to the window.

You need to call gtk.main_iterat ion() to "wake up" the event loop in between
copies. See


See also


Dave Cook
Jul 18 '05 #2
Mentre io pensavo ad una intro simpatica "Samuele Giovanni Tonon"
i'm trying to develop a trivial application which random copy files
from a directory to another one.

i made it using pygtk for the graphical interface, however i find
some problem with progressbar and ListStore:

basically i need to make pulse the progressbar while i'm copying files
and write filenames copied on the ListStore on to the window.

However while copying the window is frozen, even if files are copied
one by one and when the copy process finish the window is updated
This behaviour is well shown if i try to copy files to slow devices
such as usb disk.

you should use:

while gtk.events_pend ing():
gtk.mainiterati on(gtk.FALSE)

in the loop, it requests a refresh of the gui.
So if you use a loop to iterate over a list of files insert that two
lines in the loop, and your gui will be refreshed every iteration.
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Jul 18 '05 #3

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