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wxPython: Need method to remove items from sizer

Hello wxPythoneers.
I have a problem with a dialog box derived from wxFrame which has a
wxComboBox as main element. Depending on the entry selected from the
ComboBox, the dialog box will be populated with a number of controls.
This works fine for the first selection of a combobox item, but
subsequent selections from the combobox cause problems. This is
because the event function for the combobox populates the sizer for
the window with items though the sizer already has some items. Thus, I
think that I need a method to clear the items from a sizer. Please let
me know your suggestions about how to reach this goal. When you find
other odds in the following script, please let me know these as well.
I have described the problems with this "dyamic dialog" in two other
threads, but I believe that the information supplied there was not
sufficient to make the problem clear.
BTW, I am aware of the Detach-Function of Sizers, but I dont think
they are the solution to my problem. This method seems only to be able
to remove a
sizer completely (which is not want I want, because the sizer will be
repopulated in the next step, and I dont want to recreate it, because
the sizer has to keep its position in the dialog relative to the other
sizers) or to remove the item with the specified position (which is no
alternative as well, because the number of childs or controls in the
sizer will vary).
Many thanks in advance
#-*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
from wxPython.wx import *
from wxPython.lib.rc sizer import RowColSizer

#______________ ______________

class MainWindow(wxFr ame):
def __init__(self,p arent,id,title) :
wxFrame.__init_ _(self,parent,i d, title,
self.panel = wxPanel(self,-1)
self.mainsizer = wxBoxSizer(wxVE RTICAL)
self.mainsizer. Add(self.panel, 1,wxEXPAND|wxAL L)
self.ID_LBOX = 100
self.ID_CBOX_VA RTYPES = 101
self.ID_CBOX_AC TIONS = 102
self.BtnSave = wxButton(self.p anel,wxID_OK,"S ave")
self.BtnClose = wxButton(self.p anel,wxID_CANCE L,"Close")

self.DlgBtnSize r = wxBoxSizer(wxHO RIZONTAL)
self.DlgBtnSize r.Add(self.BtnS ave,1,wxALIGN_C ENTER|wxALL,)
self.DlgBtnSize r.Add(self.BtnC lose,1,wxALIGN_ CENTER|wxALL)

self.ControlSiz er = RowColSizer()
self.HeaderSize r = wxBoxSizer(wxVE RTICAL)
self.SubHeaderS izer = wxBoxSizer(wxVE RTICAL)
self.Textbox = []
self.Textlabels = []
self.MasterSize r=wxBoxSizer(wx VERTICAL)
self.MasterSize r.Add(self.Head erSizer,0,wxALI GN_CENTER)
self.MasterSize r.Add(self.SubH eaderSizer,0,wx ALIGN_CENTER)
self.MasterSize r.AddSizer(self .ControlSizer,0 ,wxALIGN_CENTER )
self.MasterSize r.AddSizer(self .DlgBtnSizer,0, wxALIGN_CENTER)
self.ChooseActi on =
wxComboBox(self .panel,self.ID_ CBOX_ACTIONS,"N ew Column",choices =
["New Database","New Table","New
Column"],size=(180,-1),style=wxCB_R EADONLY)
EVT_COMBOBOX(se lf,self.ID_CBOX _ACTIONS,self.O nActionsCboxCha nge)
self.HeaderSize r.Add(wxStaticT ext(self.panel,-1,"Actions:",si ze=(200,48)),1, wxALIGN_LEFT)
self.HeaderSize r.Add(self.Choo seAction,0,wxEX PAND)
self.panel.SetS izer(self.Maste rSizer)
self.panel.SetA utoLayout(True)
self.MasterSize r.Fit(self.pane l)
self.panel.Fit( )

def OnActionsCboxCh ange(self,event ):
if self.ChooseActi on.GetValue() == "New Column":
self.columnType s =
wxComboBox(self .panel,self.ID_ CBOX_VARTYPES," Varchar",choice s =
["Char","Varchar ","Tinyint","Sm allint","Medium int","Integer", "Float"],size=(180,-1),style=wxCB_R EADONLY)
self.SubHeaderS izer.Add(wxStat icText(self.pan el,-1,"Column
types:",size=(2 00,48)),1,wxALI GN_LEFT)
self.SubHeaderS izer.Add(self.c olumnTypes,0,wx EXPAND)
controls = ["Name","Width", "Decimals"]
for i in range(len(contr ols)):
self.Textlabels .append(wxStati cText(self.pane l,-1,controls[i]))
self.Textbox.ap pend(wxTextCtrl (self.panel,-1,"",size=(18 0,-1),name=control s[i]))
self.ControlSiz er.Add(self.Tex tlabels[i],row=i+1,col=0, flag=wxALIGN_CE NTER_VERTICAL|w xALL)
self.ControlSiz er.Add(self.Tex tbox[i],row=i+1,col=1, flag=wxALIGN_CE NTER_VERTICAL|w xALL)
self.extras =
wxListBox(self. panel,self.ID_L BOX,choices=[],size=(96,96),s tyle =
self.ControlSiz er.Add(wxStatic Text(self.panel ,-1,"Extras"),row =4,col=0,flag=w xALIGN_CENTER_V ERTICAL|wxALL)
self.ControlSiz er.Add(self.ext ras,row=4,col=1 ,flag=wxALIGN_T OP)
self.MasterSize r.RecalcSizes()
self.panel.Fit( )
#______________ ______________

app = wxPySimpleApp()
frame = MainWindow(None , -1, "MySQL Frontend")
app.MainLoop()# ###
Jul 18 '05 #1
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