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Basic Class + Dialogs doubt

Hi all,

I have a doubt with OOAD and Dialogs. I have a Dialog Class.
It contains a class body as below. Now I am calling the tkSimple.py in
another python program and using the default body, and everything from

Now my requirement is as follows I need to popup a couple of other
dialog boxes with a little difference in between each dialog and take
different values.

Summarising as below

Main window ----> tkSimple.py
Main window--ButtonClick ---> New dialog 1
Main window--Button 2 Click---> Another New Dialog 2.

Now I am wondering how I can put three different types of dialogs in
the same tksimple.py and call them at different conditions in my main

I am including the code here. Right now I have created multiple copies
of the tkSimple.py like tkSimple1.py tkSimple2.py and importing them
whereever I need them


Main Program

from Tkinter import *
from tkSimpleDialog import Dialog
import tkMessageBox
import tkSimple
class SampleDialog(tk Simple.Dialog):
............... .......
............... ....
............... ...
def body(self, master):
self.title("Too l ")
self.geometry(" 400x500")
# All the constant values goes here.
# Labels
Label(master, text='BSS ATTRIB TOOL').grid(row =1, sticky=W)
Label(master, text=' ').grid(row=2, sticky=W)
Label(master, text=' ').grid(row=3, sticky=W)
Label(master, text=' ').grid(row=4, sticky=W)
Label(master, text='BSS Name').grid(row =5, sticky=W)
Label(master, text='MIT VErsion').grid( row=6, sticky=W)
#Choosing the device type belonging to which class goes here.
v = IntVar()
global CnType
CnType = IntVar()
Label(master, text='').grid(r ow=7, sticky=W)
Label(master, text='').grid(r ow=8, sticky=W)
Label(master, text='Select a button below to add a
device').grid(r ow=9,
optTp = Button(master, text ="Click here to add a Class A
device", comma
nd=self.ShowA). grid(row=10, column=0, sticky=W)

def apply(self):
Name1 = self.bssName.ge t()
Name2 = self.mitName.ge t()
global CnType
global deviceClass
deviceClass = CnType.get()
print deviceClass

#Boby's Code to place the above values in the file pass
def ShowA(self):
global DialogType
DialogType = 2

getValue = tkSimple1.Dialo g(self)

-------------..............e nd of main program

TkSimple.py Code

from Tkinter import *
import os

class Dialog(Toplevel ):

def __init__(self, parent, title = None):

Toplevel.__init __(self, parent)
self.transient( parent)

if title:
self.title(titl e)

self.parent = parent

self.result = None

body = Frame(self)

self.initial_fo cus = self.body(body)
body.pack(padx= 5, pady=5)

self.buttonbox( )
self.protocol(" WM_DELETE_WINDO W", self.cancel)
self.geometry(" +%d+%d" % (parent.winfo_r ootx()+50,
parent.winfo_ro oty(
self.initial_fo cus.focus_set()

self.wait_windo w(self)
# construction hooks

def body(self, master):
# create dialog body. return widget that should have intial

def buttonbox(self) :
box = Frame(self)
w = Button(box, text="Save", width=10, command=self.ok ,
w.pack(side=LEF T, padx=5, pady=5)

#Need to change the command here .<Mahesh>

w = Button(box, text="Run Tool", width=10, command=self.ok )
w = Button(box, text="Run Tool", width=10, command=self.ok )
w.pack(side=LEF T, padx=5, pady=5)

#w = Button(box, text="Help", width=10, command=self.he lp)
#w.pack(side=LE FT, padx=5, pady=5)

w = Button(box, text="Cancel", width=10, command=self.ca ncel)
w.pack(side=LEF T, padx=5, pady=5)

self.bind("&lt; Return.", self.ok)
self.bind("&lt: Escape.", self.cancel)

def ok(self, event=None):

if not self.validate() :
self.initial_fo cus.focus_set()

self.update_idl etasks()
def cancel(self, event=None):
self.parent.foc us_set()

def validate(self):
return 1

def apply(self):
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