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String comparison problem

I am printing these information.

print string.lower(in fo_res[2])
print string.lower(md 5sum(f_md5))
print len(string.lowe r(info_res[2]))
print len(string.lowe r(md5sum(f_md5) ))
print str(string.lowe r(md5sum(f_md5) ) == string.lower(in fo_res[2]))

and the output are

01b7ebfc27437a9 0cc421c50df8f9a c5
01b7ebfc27437a9 0cc421c50df8f9a c5

I was wondering why the last print statement is returning false when two
strings are identical?


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Jul 18 '05 #1
2 2563
Senthoorkumaran Punniamoorthy wrote:
I am printing these information.

print string.lower(in fo_res[2])
print string.lower(md 5sum(f_md5))
print len(string.lowe r(info_res[2]))
print len(string.lowe r(md5sum(f_md5) ))
print str(string.lowe r(md5sum(f_md5) ) == string.lower(in fo_res[2]))

and the output are

01b7ebfc27437a9 0cc421c50df8f9a c5
01b7ebfc27437a9 0cc421c50df8f9a c5

I was wondering why the last print statement is returning false when two
strings are identical?


_______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _____
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import urllib2
import sre
import string
import sys
import md5
import socket
import logging
import getopt
import os
from property import property

md5_bufsize=809 6
Change History
i. file close from file_writer() removed so that caller can close the file
ii. exception handling introduced for mail sending to handle missing
SMTP config
iii.file_Dled() method is replaced
iv. The program doesn't exit if it can't find the logfile anymore. It
just downloads again.
v. small bug fixes
vi. grab_info was made little less complicated by removing the
compilation of regex

i. If the MD5 check sum doesn't match, trying n number of times

# MD5 checksum program taken from python_home/tools/scripts/md5sum.py
# That was a stand alone script with many options
# Just took the function which did the checksumming, and reduced it.

def md5sum(fp):
m = md5.new()
while 1:
data = fp.read(md5_buf size)
if not data:
except IOError, msg:
log.error('I/O error: '+ str(msg))
log.error('Syst em Abort')

return m.hexdigest()

'''Reads the file from fp_in and writes it to fp_out. fp_in normally is
the file being
downloaded and fp_out is the file being written to the local disk'''
def file_writer(fp_ in, fp_out):
log.info('File Downloading in Progress.',)
while 1:
data = fp_in.read(bufs ize)
if not data:
fp_out.write(da ta)
#fp_out.write(' senthoor')
except IOError, msg:
log.error('Erro r resolving address: '+ str(msg))
log.error('Syst em Abort')
except socket.error, msg:
log.error('Soke t error: '+ str(msg))
log.error('Syst em Abort')

def send_mail(mails erver,from_addr , to_addr, file_name):
msg = 'Greetings all, \n The lastest virus definition file' +
file_name + ' has been down loaded'
server = smtplib.SMTP(ma ilserver)
server.set_debu glevel(1)
server.sendmail (from_addr, to_addr, msg)

'''Takes a list of regular expressions and a Source(String) and searchs
source for
match and returns a list with all the matches'''
def grab_info(listR egEx,source):
#this needs improvement. The compilation is unnecessary and will be
return map(lambda x:x.group(1),ma p(lambda x: sre.search(x,
source),listReg Ex))

def show_usage():
print 'under construnction'

'''Processes the command line argument'''
def process_args(a) :
args = getopt.getopt(a[1:],'dv')
for x in args[0]:
if x[0] == '-d':
log.setLevel(lo gging.DEBUG)
if x[0] == '-v':
print 'theRetriever '+ version +', MotleyPythons'
except getopt.GetoptEr ror,msg:

'''Checks the log file whether the file name exsits. If the file name
exsits then no need to download the file since its been already
def file_Dled(file, fileName):
if os.path.exists( file):
return sre.search(file Name,open(file) .read())

'''When the file is downloaded and written to the local disk the
log file updated with the file name'''
def file_DlOK(file, fileName):
exc = 0
fp = open(file,'a')
fp.write(fileNa me + '\n')
except IOError,msg:
log.error('I/O error: '+ str(msg))
log.error('Syst em Abort')

#Logging Initialised
logging.basicCo nfig()
log = logging.getLogg er('Retriever')
log.setLevel(lo gging.INFO)
process_args(sy s.argv)
# Get information from config file
config = property('confi g.cfg')
log.debug('Conf ig Loaded')
dllog=config.ge t_safe('LOCATIO N','')+'dledfil e.lst'
no_of_trys = 0

#this is being introduced so that file be downloaded if the it was
#not download failed and we are going to have a time testing this:-)
md5_error=1 #at the begining no file so md5_error is true:-)
log.debug('Retr ies :' + str(config.get_ safe('RETRIES', 0)))
while md5_error and (no_of_trys<=in t(config.get_sa fe('RETRIES',0) )):
no_of_trys +=1

#until its proven md5 mismatch exit we assume it doesn't
#this helps us only to repeat downloaing in the case of mismatch
#and if the downloading stops for other reasons
md5_error = 0
f1 = urllib2.urlopen (config.get('UR L'))
log.debug(confi g.get('URL') + 'has been read')
except urllib2.URLErro r, msg:
log.error('Erro r Reading ' + config.get('URL ') + '\n' + str(msg))
log.error('Syst em Abort')
htmlsource = f1.read()

info_regex =
['href="(.*2\d{7 }-\d{3}-i32.exe)"','hre f=".*(2\d{7}-\d{3}-i32.exe)"','MD5 </a>:\s(.*)\s<a']

info_res = grab_info(info_ regex,htmlsourc e)
log.debug('retr ieved info \n' + str(info_res))
# Exit if file already loaded
if file_Dled(dllog ,info_res[1]):
log.info('File already downloaded. Process Stopping',)

#reading and writing to a local file
virusdeflocal=o pen(config.get_ safe('LOCATION' ,'')+info_res[1],'wb')
authinfo = urllib2.Request (config.get('UR L'))
virusdefserver =
urllib2.urlopen ('http://'+authinfo.get_ host()+info_res[0])
file_writer(vir usdefserver,vir usdeflocal)
virusdeflocal.c lose()
virusdefserver. close()

f_md5=open(conf ig.get_safe('LO CATION','')+inf o_res[1],'rb')
if string.lower(md 5sum(f_md5)) == string.lower(in fo_res[2]):
log.debug("Yipe e !!!, it works!!")
# Have to copy the file to the common share
# Must have location in config file

# Put entry in logfile
file_DlOK(dllog ,info_res[1])

send_mail(confi g.get('SMTP'),c onfig.get('FROM _ADDR'),config. get('TO_ADDR'), filename)

except KeyError, msg:
log.error('Mail not sent: ' + str(msg))

log.debug("Bumm er")

Senthoorkumaran Punniamoorthy,
s1='01b7ebfc274 37a90cc421c50df 8f9ac5'
import string
print str(string.lowe r(s1))==string. lower(s2)


??????????????? ?????????/

Jul 18 '05 #2
>>>>> "Senthoorkumara n Punniamoorthy" <so***********@ hotmail.com> (SP) wrote:

SP> I am printing these information.
SP> print string.lower(in fo_res[2])
SP> print string.lower(md 5sum(f_md5))
SP> print len(string.lowe r(info_res[2]))
SP> print len(string.lowe r(md5sum(f_md5) ))
SP> print str(string.lowe r(md5sum(f_md5) ) == string.lower(in fo_res[2]))

SP> and the output are

SP> 01b7ebfc27437a9 0cc421c50df8f9a c5
SP> 01b7ebfc27437a9 0cc421c50df8f9a c5
SP> 32
SP> 32
SP> False

SP> I was wondering why the last print statement is returning false when two
SP> strings are identical?

They are not identical, because md5sum is reading from the file.
Piet van Oostrum <pi**@cs.uu.n l>
URL: http://www.cs.uu.nl/~piet [PGP]
Private email: P.***********@h ccnet.nl
Jul 18 '05 #3

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