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the need for J2EE-like standards for Python

Hi, all.

I think many would agree that the community-agreed standards could boost
the development of the [python] applications in a defined areas. In
particular, the lack of J2EE-like standards about servlets or
transactions impedes development of web/enterpise applications.

It shoudn't be overly complex and elaborate like J2EE but it could be
much simple, like, say, DB-API. As it is now, when developing
non-trivial Python application we have to face the substantial risk of
"lock-in" to particular framework/vendor. The fact that the framework is
open source and not proprietary doesn't help much. It is usually too
much work to abstract from a particular framework used and it looks like
a wrong answer anyway. It is IMO better to invent/publish such an
abstraction beforehand so that different frameworks could implement it.

There is many topics that could be addressed: servlet containers,
component architecture, naming service, etc, etc.

What do the community think?
Is there an interest to this direction of "maturing" among the Python
May be there is already something going on which I'm not aware of?

Seems to me that the current diversity of offering for basic
infrastructure things like web interaction is caused by uncertainty
about how it should be done and range of options on the subject.

Hopefully this would sorted out finally, but why not to hurry it a bit. ;)
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