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cannot read block 432382 of audit: Success


How would I fix an error below:

server.log file :

2010-03-07 15:46:40,220 DEBUG [ucs.instore.ejb.debtors.AccountSessionBean] getNcaHpAccountEvents query =
SELECT hp_tran.cus_acno, hp_tran.hp_sub_acno,date(audit.aud_doc_ts) as aud_doc_ts, sum(hptran_amt) as amount, audit.act_typ FROM hp_doc JOIN hp_tran on hp_tran.hpdoc_id = hp_doc.hpdoc_id JOIN audit USING (aud_id) JOIN audmth USING (aud_id) WHERE hpdoc_is_fin is true AND audit.act_typ not in ( 4276, 4275, 4776 , 4775) GROUP BY hp_tran.cus_acno, hp_tran.hp_sub_acno,date(audit.aud_doc_ts), audit.act_typ ORDER BY hp_tran.cus_acno, hp_tran.hp_sub_acno,date(audit.aud_doc_ts)
2010-03-07 15:48:49,626 INFO [ucs.instore.ejb.debtors.AccountSessionBean] EJBERROR - Cause null
2010-03-07 15:48:49,664 INFO [ucs.instore.ejb.debtors.AccountSessionBean] - File QueryExecutor.java
2010-03-07 15:48:49,664 INFO [ucs.instore.ejb.debtors.AccountSessionBean] - Class org.postgresql.core.QueryExecutor
2010-03-07 15:48:49,664 INFO [ucs.instore.ejb.debtors.AccountSessionBean] - Method execute
2010-03-07 15:48:49,665 INFO [ucs.instore.ejb.debtors.AccountSessionBean] - Line 131
2010-03-07 15:48:49,665 INFO [ucs.instore.ejb.debtors.AccountSessionBean] - Native false
2010-03-07 15:48:49,665 ERROR [ucs.instore.ejb.debtors.AccountSessionBean] EJB ERROR Info :
java.sql.SQLException: ERROR: cannot read block 432382 of audit: Success

There is table called audit. This tables keeps all the transaction numbers generated by the system. It looks like there is 4 audits that got corrupted, see below:

db0305=# SELECT * from audit where aud_id = 3283031;
ERROR: cannot read block 432382 of audit: Success
db0305=# SELECT * from audit where aud_id = 3283032;
ERROR: cannot read block 432382 of audit: Success
db0305=# SELECT * from audit where aud_id = 3283033;
ERROR: cannot read block 432382 of audit: Success
db0305=# SELECT * from audit where aud_id = 3283034;
ERROR: cannot read block 432382 of audit: Success
db0305=# SELECT * from audit where aud_id = 3283035;

This machine is running on PostgreSQL7.3.4 in CentOS version

Please assist, please explain it in simple terms or you can refer me to a relevent document
Mar 8 '10 #1
8 3399
700 Expert 512MB
ERROR: cannot read block 432382
did you have any problems with disk? Did you check disk for bad blocks?
Mar 15 '10 #2
No, the disc didn't have problems, like dmessages didn't give any errors. we ended up restoring from the back up, of which it's not what we want because it takes a long time because you have copy a dump file from a backup machine which is far away from the affected server.
Mar 15 '10 #3
700 Expert 512MB
Do you have any indexes on that table if so try to delete them and recreate.

And run fsck to check the disk
Mar 15 '10 #4
Many Thanks, I will try that.
Mar 15 '10 #5
Hi Kanga,

If you find out how to fix this, I have found the same problem with another branch. Please give me a call.
Apr 15 '10 #6
Try to REINDEX the table affected and also try to reindex the whole database.... I didn't find the solution in my previous problem I had. we restored the database from the back up server.
Apr 15 '10 #7
Ok thanks. Perhaps I'll just assign the log to DB services.

By the way, are there any Nik Naks in the vending machine?
Apr 15 '10 #8
there are Nik Naks james in vending machine, u might as well help yourself
Apr 15 '10 #9

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