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Unable to connect

Hi all,

Iam struck with one of the problem with postgres. Please help me out....

Iam trying to connect to connect to postgres database on remote machine with the IP address Iam unable to get connected.
below is my script.


$connection_string = 'DRIVER={PostgreSQL};SERVER=;DATABASE =Admin';
$user = 'postgres';
$pass = 'post2007!';

$connection = odbc_connect( $connection_string, $user, $pass );

echo "connected successfully...!";
echo "unable to connect..!";

I get the error unable to connect..!. Please help me to sort this problem.
Jan 29 '07 #1
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Could firewall be a factor?
Jan 29 '07 #2
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Also looks like a local address, but you said "remote machine"... Perhaps having more details on your environment/configuration would be helpful.
Jan 29 '07 #3
Hi Michael,

its the other machine, not the same.

Here is my hba_conf file.

# PostgreSQL Client Authentication Configuration File
# ================================================== =
# Refer to the PostgreSQL Administrator's Guide, chapter "Client
# Authentication" for a complete description. A short synopsis
# follows.
# This file controls: which hosts are allowed to connect, how clients
# are authenticated, which PostgreSQL user names they can use, which
# databases they can access. Records take one of these forms:


# (The uppercase items must be replaced by actual values.)

# The first field is the connection type: "local" is a Unix-domain socket,
# "host" is either a plain or SSL-encrypted TCP/IP socket, "hostssl" is an
# SSL-encrypted TCP/IP socket, and "hostnossl" is a plain TCP/IP socket.

# DATABASE can be "all", "sameuser", "samegroup", a database name, or
# a comma-separated list thereof.

# USER can be "all", a user name, a group name prefixed with "+", or
# a comma-separated list thereof. In both the DATABASE and USER fields
# you can also write a file name prefixed with "@" to include names from
# a separate file.

# CIDR-ADDRESS specifies the set of hosts the record matches.
# It is made up of an IP address and a CIDR mask that is an integer
# (between 0 and 32 (IPv6) or 128(IPv6) inclusive) that specifies
# the number of significant bits in the mask. Alternatively, you can write
# an IP address and netmask in separate columns to specify the set of hosts.

# METHOD can be "trust", "reject", "md5", "crypt", "password",
# "krb4", "krb5", "ident", or "pam". Note that "password" sends passwords
# in clear text; "md5" is preferred since it sends encrypted passwords.

# OPTION is the ident map or the name of the PAM service, depending on METHOD.
# Database and user names containing spaces, commas, quotes and other special
# characters must be quoted. Quoting one of the keywords "all", "sameuser" or
# "samegroup" makes the name lose its special character, and just match a
# database or username with that name.

# This file is read on server startup and when the postmaster receives
# a SIGHUP signal. If you edit the file on a running system, you have
# to SIGHUP the postmaster for the changes to take effect. You can use
# "pg_ctl reload" to do that.

# Put your actual configuration here
# ----------------------------------
# If you want to allow non-local connections, you need to add more
# "host" records. In that case you will also need to make PostgreSQL listen
# on a non-local interface via the listen_addresses configuration parameter,
# or via the -i or -h command line switches.


# IPv4 local connections:
host all all md5
host Admin all md5

host Admin all md5
# Queries & Admin for development over VPN GMG 20060613
host all all md5

# IPv6 local connections:
#host all all ::1/128 md5

Iam connecting to the server using odbc_connect(). It is gives me the same error “unable to connect to the server.

This is my code.

$connection_string = 'DRIVER={PostgreSQL};SERVER=;DATABASE =Admin';
$user = 'postgres';
$pass = 'post2007!';

$connection = odbc_connect( $connection_string, $user, $pass );

echo "connected successfully...!";
echo "unable to connect to the server..!";
?> [/PHP]

It is gives me the same error “unable to connect to the server...!.
Jan 30 '07 #4
Hello Guys,

Thanks for the support, i have decided to switch from postgres to MySQL.

I would like to connect to MSSQL server database using the php, will that be possible? Can someone tell me how can i do that ?
I want to connect to remote server i.e. through IP address.

Jan 31 '07 #5

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