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Join one of Canada's finest business men...

Join one of Canada's finest business men...

Dear entrepreneur colleague:

Here is a message from the founder....

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ariel Topf. I am 42 years old and I have
been retired now for a few years and I feel like it's time to do something

By way of background, among many other successes, I was a finalist in the
prestigious "Canada's Top 40 under 40" award program.

This letter is to find out if you would be interested in joining me in my
next business.

So I'll tell you a little more about myself, the type of business I'm
preparing and the type of partners I would like to work with.

When I immigrated to North America I had no money to invest, I could hardly
speak English and had no contacts. My wife worked in all types of odd jobs
to pay the bills. After 2 years of looking for an opportunity I found the
perfect business for myself.

Within a few months I started earning more per month than what my wife
earned in a full year.

Soon after, I got a Mercedes Benz for my wife, a BMW for myself, bought a
huge house and traveled with her around the world.

In short, I achieved the top position in the Network Marketing companies I
joined and I earned the money that most people can only dream about.

I then built the fastest growing franchise company in the Country and was
instrumental in launching what is today the largest Internet franchise
company in the world.

After building several other businesses I decided to retire, travel, get in
great shape, enjoy my family and help various non-profit organizations.

So after being in retirement now for a few years I have the desire to return
to business and help many others achieve the same success.

I have used my experience and unparalleled success in Network Marketing and
in the Franchise industry to create the most extraordinary business
opportunity in the market today.

Although I broke all industry records by building an organization of 19,000
people in just over a year (without the use of Internet), this time I want
to build an organization many times bigger, better and in less than one

I have used my experience to conceive and develop an Internet based
opportunity that eliminates all the obstacles that make distributors fail.
In this new company our Affiliates will not have to invest money in
products, sell anything at all, make phone calls, convince customers or even
talk to people! It's amazingly revolutionary and simple at the same time.
Totally automated for you. We will do almost everything for you. Simply
said, it's going to be "loser proof".

You may even decide not to get involved in the Network Marketing component
of the business. This amazing business model will allow you to make
significant income without recruiting anybody and without ever selling a

Sounds too good to be true? Well, this business has been put together by
seasoned business people including people who have broken records a few
times in different industries. It's as simple as that. I have never done
what everyone else is doing. I have always done it differently. This time
you have a chance to ride this wave with me.

I want each Affiliate, big or small, to earn the type of income they want. I
want all Affiliates to share in the explosive success that we will

I am getting ready to break all industry records once again. It's my nature.
I hope you understand what it means for people who will start with me right
at the beginning. Even before our official pre-launch date. As you have
heard before, timing is everything.

Like in the past, I do not want to build this organization with any heavy
hitters or superstars. This plan has been created for the average hard
working person who will work his part time or full time business in a
serious manner. I want to create the next generation of home-based Internet

If you like what you just read and you would like to join me right at the
beginning and be part of my new company even before we officially launch,
simply click here http://www.globalprelaunch.com/9189, give me your personal
details and I will keep you informed. This time you'll have a chance to be
first with a rock solid company and a concept never seen before.

I look forward to working with you and to be part of your financial success.

Ariel Topf

P.S. Did I mention that the product you will be "selling" is free to all
your customers? Did I also mention that your customers will use it
constantly? Finally, did I mention that when your customers use their free
product you will get paid?

A Little more About our President and CEO

Join a leader who:

Broke all national industry records by building an organization of 19,000
Developed Canada's fastest growing franchise company.
Was a finalist in "Canada's Top 40 Under 40".
Was a Professional Soccer Player.
Retired from business at the age of 40!
Ariel has successfully owned businesses in 3 continents in the following

High Tech (Computer telephony)
Industrial machinery
Food manufacturing
Clothing (retail & manufacturing)
Home appliances
Personal Development
Pet food
Direct Sales
Internet Marketing
Personal & Business Consulting
A Little Bit More About the Business

You are about to learn about the most exciting combination of: Network
Marketing, an Affiliate Program and a Franchise opportunity on the Internet!

This page you are viewing is the first page that we have ever opened to the
public about the opportunity. You are really first this time. We are
currently in double pre-launch and those that fill out the form below will
be the first ones to be updated and have the opportunity to join the most
powerful home-based Internet opportunity in history to date!

That's right! No obligation, just let us know that you want to be part of
this business and would like to be kept up to date. We will communicate with
you before we launch so that you could then make a decision and become one
of the first Affiliates or a Founder.

When we launch the Company and you feel it is the right business for you,
you could qualify to be at a higher pay level by pre-building your team
(read below). This is like putting cash in your pocket! So don't wait, read
the rest of this page and fill out the form below now. Don't miss out this
time! Sign up for updates now!


Imagine a franchise opportunity with....

No Franchise fee.

National Breaking-Record Management.

State-Of-The-Art Management Systems.

Merchandising and Marketing Tools.

Almost Everything done for you (even the sales!).

Web-based Model (work from any place in the globe).

Ongoing Corporate Training (very little needed if any).

No Monthly Royalties.

No Territorial Restrictions.

Start Part-Time (Six to 10 hours per week).

Minimal Startup Package (less than $150.00).

Little or No Risk.

No significant investment required.

No RECRUITING required to earn income.

No experience required.

No inventory required.

No selling skills required.

No SELLING required.

No negotiating skills required.

No management skills required.

No technical skills required.

No handling of products.

No shipping of products.

No delivery of products.

No expiry dates.

No customer service required.

No office space required.

No talking to people required!!!
Where have you heard of a business
where you do not have to sell your products or services to get paid?

We guarantee you that there is no opportunity like this one in the market
Our model has eliminated most of the common elements that result in slow
distributorship growth and high attrition rates.

The 2 Reasons People Fail:

1. They can't sell
2. They can't recruit

We have utilized all our experience to design a plan and a business model
where these 2 issues have been taken care of:

1. Affiliates don't need to sell
2. Affiliates do not "need" to recruit to profit
Here is a little more...


Unfortunately we can not tell you much about our profit centers as the
information is classified and we are being watched very closely by our
competitors. In addition, everyone who knows Ariel would want to know what's
he doing next and what was so powerful to take him out of retirement.

What we can tell you though is that our business has over 20 different
profit centers for you to earn from. And again you do not have to sell
anything to profit from any of them. Some of these profit centers will be
available to you during pre-launch and the rest will be rolled out later.
Each one of our profit centers are extremely profitable and match the
definitions you have read above. Those that sign up below will be the first
to learn and take advantage of the the first profits centers. So sign up

We have something so powerful that it will blow your mind away. If you knew
what our secret weapon was, we guarantee you that you would not only sign up
below, but would beg for a chance to start signing up people now. Our secret
weapon is the basis of our company. No one is doing what we will be
launching! It is the secret of our success and the reason why we will break
all industry records again. Once you learn what we are doing you will not
understand why anyone would consider doing something else. Every single
person that signed our non-disclosure and heard about our secret weapon was
blown away. When we launch the world will hear about it and we will have
tens of thousands of people signing up as customers and as Affiliates. Yes,
it is that powerful! And guess what? Those thousands of customers will be
making our Affiliates significant income.

Sign up below. Be among the people who will sign up now and who position
themselves for explosive growth. We will literally build your business with
you! You cannot even imagine what's going to happen to you! Sign up for
information now!


We are sorry we cannot sign you up to be an Affiliate as of now. Filling out
the form below will only qualify you to learn more about our exciting new
program. We cannot make you an Affiliate by signing on the form, but what we
will do for you is to give you the tool to position you at a higher pay
level in our pay plan from day one once you do become an Affiliate. We have
designed a powerful way to actually make your earn income the very same day
we launch. Read about this in the next section.

If you want to join Ariel and the rest of the corporate team, then fill out
the form. We can promise you that if you do not choose to sign up to receive
updates now, you will hear about our company through your contacts later on.
This means that instead of being first and have under you the tens of
thousands that will sign up in the next few months, you will then be buried
under someone else.

We hope you hear the call now. As you know, timing is everything! Don't wait
for others to tell you how much are they earning. Be first and show others
your success. Fill out the form now!

As we said before, we cannot sign you up as an Affiliate now, but we have
designed a powerful innovative way for you to position yourself for maximum
profits from day one. This is a secret that the heavy hitters use and this
is how they can make thousands of dollars their first month.

So this is the secret: After you sign up to receive information, we will
allow you to invite your friends and contacts to take a look at our
Pre-Launch website. If they also sign up to receive information about our
business (like you did), then they will be automatically placed in your
downline once we launch.

Heavy hitters use this approach to let hundreds of people know about what
they will be doing. This approach is not intimidating to any of their
contacts as they only ask them to sign up to receive information. This is
how they pre-sign hundreds of people and are ready to profit on launch day.

In our case, the information your contacts will receive is so powerful that
a large number of your contacts will become Affiliates. They will receive
information about an opportunity that they have never imagine could exist.
They will actually see how they can earn a tremendous income by giving away
a product for free that everyone will use and that will earn them profit
every time the product is used. They will see how to earn retail profits
without ever having to sell a thing. They will see how thousands upon
thousands of Affiliates will be joining their team. This is so powerful that
they will not understand how anyone could be doing anything else.

Don't waste any more time. Sign up to be kept up to date and we will tell
you how to direct your contacts to your own Pre-Launch website to start
building your Pre-Launch downline.

Now imagine: Launch day comes and thousands upon thousands of people in your
downline who have received the information sign up as Affiliates under you!
This is how to build a check from day one!!!

You just wait to see the reaction from people out there once they receive
the information. They will feel sorry they spent so much time and effort
doing something else! We promise you that not even in their wildest dreams
they could've even imagined a business like this.

Click here to sign in for the information.
This is How to Start Profiting from Today

Once you sign up you will be given a free website exactly like this one and
you will be able to share this information with your friends and colleagues.
When they sign up through your website they will be placed automatically
under you in your downline. You can already start building your downline
today with absolutely no commitment! You have nothing to lose and everything
to gain.

Sign up now and start passing your website around!

We want you to be able to start the business with 10, 20, 50 or even 100
affiliates in your frontline. In order to achieve this you must put a lot of
effort now in sharing your website with your friends and contacts.

Pssst........ here is some great news:

1.The next 5,000 people to sign up, will automatically be promoted to the
SECOND LEVEL in our Pay Plan! Don't Wait Sign Up For Information NOW...What
Have You Got To Lose?***Certainly A Lot To Gain Though!

When we launch the Company and you feel it is the right business for you,
you could qualify to be at a higher pay level by pre-building your team

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