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postgesql-7.3.3 lo_create/lo_open fails

Hi Guys,

I'm currenlty involved in a port of our gateway code from a Solaris 8
environment to a HP-UX11.11 incorporating postgresql-7.3.3. We're having
some problems with creation and opening of large objects and was hoping
that you may be able to shed some light on them.

I extracted the LO code into the test program as below and am able to
recreate the problems:

int argc,
char * argv[]
char chBytes[] = "FILLER";
int iLength = strlen(chBytes);

char * chTempDB = NULL;
chTempDB = getenv ("CMN_DBNAME");
char *chTempUserName=NULL;
chTempUserName = getenv ("CMN_DBUSERNAME");

PGconn * conn = PQsetdbLogin(NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, chTempDB,
chTempUserName, NULL);

* check to see that the backend connection was successfully made
if (PQstatus(conn) == CONNECTION_BAD)
cout << "Large object connection is bad " << endl;

PGresult * res = PQexec(conn, "begin");

Oid lobjId = lo_creat(conn, INV_READ|INV_WRITE);
if (lobjId != -1)
cout << "Large object ID created :" << lobjId << endl;
int lobj_fd = lo_open(conn, lobjId, INV_WRITE);
cout << "Large object file descriptor :" << lobj_fd << endl;
if (lobj_fd != -1)
// write the large object
int nbytes_out = lo_write(conn, lobj_fd, chBytes, iLength);
cout << "Large object written - no of bytes :" << nbytes_out << endl;
(void) lo_close(conn, lobj_fd);

res = PQexec(conn, "end");

all worked fine on the Solaris box but on the HP the lo_creat returns 0
for the oid - subsequently lo_open returns -1 when an attempt is made to
open the object.

The configuration used to install postgresql-7.3.3 on the HP environment
is as follows:

configure CC=/bin/cc AR=/bin/ar CFLAGS=+DA2.0W --without-readline

Has anyone come across this problem ? Any help on this would be much

Thanks in advance


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Nov 11 '05 #1
1 2655
Colm Dobbs <Co********@aepona.com> writes:
Oid lobjId = lo_creat(conn, INV_READ|INV_WRITE);
if (lobjId != -1)

This coding is wrong --- lo_creat would return 0 (InvalidOid) on
failure, not -1. As for *why* it's failing, PQerrorMessage might
offer some hint. I'm a tad surprised by that myself; never heard
of it happening with a connection not already in an error state.

regards, tom lane

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Nov 11 '05 #2

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