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GnuPG / PGP signed checksums for PostgreSQL 7.4.5, 7.4.4, 7.3.7, 7.3.6, 7.3.5. 7.2.5

Hash: SHA1
This is a PGP-signed copy of the checksums for following
PostgreSQL versions:


The latest copy of the checksums for these and other versions, as well
as information on how to verify the files you download for yourself,
can be found at:

## Created with md5sum:
97e750c8e69c208 b75b6efedc5a36e fb postgresql-7.4.5.tar.bz2
bffc3fe775c8854 89f9071e97f43ab 9b postgresql-base-7.4.5.tar.bz2
548a73c898e65f9 01dbc06d622a2bc 63 postgresql-docs-7.4.5.tar.bz2
8be416baeeb3251 8f2b17a91c4caaf ba postgresql-opt-7.4.5.tar.bz2
73b8ee0f7ff0ca2 4cca50434b7276d c1 postgresql-test-7.4.5.tar.bz2
a68d368159319a6 20074e70d76fbd1 4b postgresql-7.4.5.tar.gz
f18c3d6e88b0b7d 7dfcccf06d2884b f9 postgresql-base-7.4.5.tar.gz
4caf0e0f3f094ac 21e4b4ff5c49ef6 e9 postgresql-docs-7.4.5.tar.gz
c23937f00f1d342 1a9c2d3ba608d13 0c postgresql-opt-7.4.5.tar.gz
86174904ccb9a28 98836010b016183 cf postgresql-test-7.4.5.tar.gz

0433f4b34cbd16d d30e922cefa286d b5 postgresql-7.4.4.tar.bz2
3c03ac47ecd7fad ffff4c09bf1b0b2 23 postgresql-base-7.4.4.tar.bz2
6b32dd938322ae8 a97504e42abb106 97 postgresql-docs-7.4.4.tar.bz2
c9e073c292148be d6bc2b5e72ab5cd ea postgresql-opt-7.4.4.tar.bz2
444cf315b44f134 c6f31292b49d2e1 b1 postgresql-test-7.4.4.tar.bz2
c74d816f5d771fb 1f835b432862511 65 postgresql-7.4.4.tar.gz
1e21526c90a0b73 5d4d663fbdfa626 be postgresql-base-7.4.4.tar.gz
eec55a1b56fee23 6dbad271603db8e e2 postgresql-docs-7.4.4.tar.gz
83dd7baa3ce1f01 94b6fee08f16dfd ea postgresql-opt-7.4.4.tar.gz
5c7e04dafa829b9 dd7164d036b12ae 4e postgresql-test-7.4.4.tar.gz

8b34cebb1cf30a6 a020e1075fee356 7b postgresql-7.3.7.tar.bz2
d64e0eca8025caa 2e35e5d8226a1af bf postgresql-base-7.3.7.tar.bz2
53bb62e0d7a302b 0e626436001f9b2 42 postgresql-docs-7.3.7.tar.bz2
d3a8a078e786abc 5b6c52fac2663a1 25 postgresql-opt-7.3.7.tar.bz2
6f1c9bc20c01d94 90e9b24563dd942 a2 postgresql-test-7.3.7.tar.bz2
8db987fb5b40643 3fb9e2146db91f3 8f postgresql-7.3.7.tar.gz
89d0d3b083d2554 365f2c8668fe4a1 36 postgresql-base-7.3.7.tar.gz
2a1f275fd999351 1d3d959d5334c8e 51 postgresql-docs-7.3.7.tar.gz
ce51b432ebd22e3 16a7d3636c5a109 69 postgresql-opt-7.3.7.tar.gz
d2249ee1088161f ef76de6635c065c e8 postgresql-test-7.3.7.tar.gz

6a36ee526dace32 667b62f7216a4b9 a6 postgresql-7.3.6.tar.bz2
80b1649458ed7b0 e765fb19bcb81c7 aa postgresql-base-7.3.6.tar.bz2
ec0cf85996049eb 0180a2163c482c0 2c postgresql-docs-7.3.6.tar.bz2
49b6faa1698c6d9 f357e13236f7ca7 77 postgresql-opt-7.3.6.tar.bz2
fb943f1f4ab837a 57a477378ae1358 06 postgresql-test-7.3.6.tar.bz2
e29bd379789a59e 061d5cf12602491 3f postgresql-7.3.6.tar.gz
6d35055a09fdb86 cbbb6f4e556e038 ef postgresql-base-7.3.6.tar.gz
f2504dbc83f7fd0 aeb2cbbbbb95658 2b postgresql-docs-7.3.6.tar.gz
31b706e2e958906 82928dbb1138d63 40 postgresql-opt-7.3.6.tar.gz
b72a9c4b9f69cb8 d1cea2561a2d419 30 postgresql-test-7.3.6.tar.gz

2dffe7425252a7e 0efbc8acbc4931b 73 postgresql-7.3.5.tar.bz2
071efb8cee72a62 b4f0da478df39f0 8d postgresql-base-7.3.5.tar.bz2
7354a7c9cc5f120 3586131e454df27 0e postgresql-docs-7.3.5.tar.bz2
d106ee6a4b0fb1d 63eb51525ee8fae d6 postgresql-opt-7.3.5.tar.bz2
eaf4977a5e81e6b f8abe66762ef9aa b5 postgresql-test-7.3.5.tar.bz2
ef2751173050b97 fad8592ce23525d df postgresql-7.3.5.tar.gz
dce1170ac37ba9a 215c57bde3ad354 65 postgresql-base-7.3.5.tar.gz
d95f5f07723a6e1 439ed6b0109a530 80 postgresql-docs-7.3.5.tar.gz
679baed3ea8f19e 5584d49712d2958 01 postgresql-opt-7.3.5.tar.gz
163aca010514439 6b0363985647fe7 2c postgresql-test-7.3.5.tar.gz

9d5dfba26ab008e abf07e1d3ee842a fa postgresql-7.2.5.tar.bz2
4cf55aca4395152 193daaf4cf7d9fb 65 postgresql-base-7.2.5.tar.bz2
6cf65b607c3db65 ea511cde7a3615e 8c postgresql-docs-7.2.5.tar.bz2
84dd18d1f91fa96 176d4212a6f2fe3 83 postgresql-opt-7.2.5.tar.bz2
1178b42e221a729 f70d7e73878b844 79 postgresql-test-7.2.5.tar.bz2
8cda6488a8c4a7b 579355f0d327e8a 84 postgresql-7.2.5.tar.gz
332d0d5ba7d4161 4635b62466dbca0 26 postgresql-base-7.2.5.tar.gz
14f479be516e37e e7263557311f18d a4 postgresql-docs-7.2.5.tar.gz
2fceaf41384e4d0 3b90ce2af59b0e2 47 postgresql-opt-7.2.5.tar.gz
b5365037381491c f1c87e5e7731f54 bc postgresql-test-7.2.5.tar.gz
## Created with sha1sum:
42582179398106f b9cfd5fac44f9fc 7c614b07ef postgresql-7.4.5.tar.bz2
446cea272dcca03 27672a488dd2eee 906589172d postgresql-base-7.4.5.tar.bz2
4684efc72683fda 9df5441adb35d38 3cd9d0ea51 postgresql-docs-7.4.5.tar.bz2
c50b329ad0e10cb f0782a1e4ba7bf4 fcc788c45b postgresql-opt-7.4.5.tar.bz2
9b686d23a11e5da 5ece7967a059896 44559fe342 postgresql-test-7.4.5.tar.bz2
a12f1f42b2893e3 b89adf01fd49cad 8c90cc89d5 postgresql-7.4.5.tar.gz
b4eb8c2b9da0b5d d82d3485d664109 048c3dc454 postgresql-base-7.4.5.tar.gz
688ab4c418a7f65 6493a220ba74ae5 6788bf3e06 postgresql-docs-7.4.5.tar.gz
5b72af080269cff 164c3357094963d f87800c9f9 postgresql-opt-7.4.5.tar.gz
bfb75199e933eee 88d520c3c600a9e 83c8b58bf4 postgresql-test-7.4.5.tar.gz

3a9a91cfda9f80a 8166027497f796b d662a32e0b postgresql-7.4.4.tar.bz2
14f2890da563be5 7fc22c724680832 7ce24725a7 postgresql-base-7.4.4.tar.bz2
a35cd91ed2c405b ee1f6d7987ba3ff 023d113b4f postgresql-docs-7.4.4.tar.bz2
37095bedd315ba0 f6e1466ee555a90 478f222326 postgresql-opt-7.4.4.tar.bz2
020b0c7b74a9fc9 26358ee0232d0a1 506ae14e7c postgresql-test-7.4.4.tar.bz2
c4069b6b0c42c19 509098bd725f619 028a8183b4 postgresql-7.4.4.tar.gz
60b220d1490868b 419ab349dc12613 bbe0ec9f97 postgresql-base-7.4.4.tar.gz
0058c1b25a6a6d4 34dccc1b7b21e6d 32de6fa963 postgresql-docs-7.4.4.tar.gz
5110b8d6de1e164 cd6249238021d9f a2ac9624c9 postgresql-opt-7.4.4.tar.gz
e4e96c789706ddd 3db3f2ad4b97f43 d5be50d311 postgresql-test-7.4.4.tar.gz

13fac3975a6e131 f122304f2048eb8 159c2557b6 postgresql-7.3.7.tar.bz2
489e819e081388b bc7dd79750474ea f6dfcac5ad postgresql-base-7.3.7.tar.bz2
75ed54b59b6958c 8bd435b36755127 02072a93d9 postgresql-docs-7.3.7.tar.bz2
6c05d6f19749599 4a56cd9a6bf7b68 45bc7a283c postgresql-opt-7.3.7.tar.bz2
2be5452b97c91b9 08bf72d8ecfd648 14a3695ee1 postgresql-test-7.3.7.tar.bz2
5c3c865146a531c b49427672483c9c ba6f14ddf8 postgresql-7.3.7.tar.gz
e1f704995805e47 38f617804d1362d 3ae2acb47e postgresql-base-7.3.7.tar.gz
80c15af75b45ed8 bef6d8f246a97a9 1f52e0a766 postgresql-docs-7.3.7.tar.gz
a771d61de4893c5 5e71d0565ea2fb8 8b7d7ca7a0 postgresql-opt-7.3.7.tar.gz
43b7e754b55f810 f0b8642c6764bc1 f9c381d500 postgresql-test-7.3.7.tar.gz

004fe5c045e1c9d 7aaecd685794fd9 78c0189bd6 postgresql-7.3.6.tar.bz2
4ac94c991b78a43 35cfbc7cc4afabb 8483fa4f0b postgresql-base-7.3.6.tar.bz2
e2e3f99381cc95c 2d3bd71c83f54d8 7d039ed49c postgresql-docs-7.3.6.tar.bz2
339df559876a763 6789f16a8092746 1c1ac8226f postgresql-opt-7.3.6.tar.bz2
42dc765641b7cb4 7ed7eb015ef12c2 590b5c19fb postgresql-test-7.3.6.tar.bz2
5135ed429a22f82 90eece18d67a459 716a80871a postgresql-7.3.6.tar.gz
e84a6eb7485f0ef 21d718de9e3345f da67d3866f postgresql-base-7.3.6.tar.gz
fd8435ffbbae039 ab38877230be908 ad00a293d5 postgresql-docs-7.3.6.tar.gz
b0b5c0f0f0b19a8 8a5a24979db2e91 a173b70fdd postgresql-opt-7.3.6.tar.gz
c8805c69c0379b3 b980c55ab31e3e2 375b6f29a8 postgresql-test-7.3.6.tar.gz

148475166fe20e8 128104691d8a006 a9def72fab postgresql-7.3.5.tar.bz2
8ed58bd420bc7da 622eaa3e4e73772 3ade35bee6 postgresql-base-7.3.5.tar.bz2
f8232df9214982c fddb8bfb674ad9b 5f765466e4 postgresql-docs-7.3.5.tar.bz2
ac7202794717e0e 42b4099e9d4f540 65daafabf6 postgresql-opt-7.3.5.tar.bz2
4612467172fcf8d 51c0c5288a4f2cc 2920c9e324 postgresql-test-7.3.5.tar.bz2
fbdab6ce38008a0 e741f8b75e3b576 33a36ff5ff postgresql-7.3.5.tar.gz
9e41ee396228551 9874449356aa60c df272c5092 postgresql-base-7.3.5.tar.gz
2b996d14f9371fc 5fef139446554a6 15a93f262e postgresql-docs-7.3.5.tar.gz
59cb52792e93d3b ff39d214a921942 4a98ce26ca postgresql-opt-7.3.5.tar.gz
c5ec6071fe12238 baad176f91cce8f 08767195a2 postgresql-test-7.3.5.tar.gz

8a1792e7c3eafec 34ff8d7e68fffcf 90f1902144 postgresql-7.2.5.tar.bz2
10872a18e90f815 9aa1709dafedfc7 4b4febc557 postgresql-base-7.2.5.tar.bz2
dfe94a9da87af97 54f5b2243da7be1 022a35855a postgresql-docs-7.2.5.tar.bz2
a48e9ae0843b189 06bdb3b095867be 22cb4b0373 postgresql-opt-7.2.5.tar.bz2
bb3c5b9efb07202 03a6043c9b55707 5ad4b73134 postgresql-test-7.2.5.tar.bz2
5e9ebce0a82739e 9a27e5b13ceaac4 7c04b34935 postgresql-7.2.5.tar.gz
e3ace5b6321c81a d11ac021ad8f943 3a13b2d5ab postgresql-base-7.2.5.tar.gz
ddd3a34909e4c6b 521a206a939c142 c3cc309721 postgresql-docs-7.2.5.tar.gz
cb9dd8395c306d5 59ec624d5a9e269 99bc257925 postgresql-opt-7.2.5.tar.gz
7574f32936eec8b 74aa3e1958734b6 2e75fc22b3 postgresql-test-7.2.5.tar.gz

- --
Greg Sabino Mullane gr**@turnstep.c om
PGP Key: 0x14964AC8 200410031234


/mNohvnLAFalW+FZ TpjzT/o=

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