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error...right syntax to use near '=1WHERE id_poll='1'' at line 1

I'm newbie and I had a problem on my SQL syntax like this You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '=1WHERE id_poll='1'' at line 1
The following below is my php code
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  1. <?php
  2. include "inc.koneksi.php";
  3. $IdDataH =$_POST['IdDataH'];
  4. $Rbpilih =$_POST['Rbpilih'];
  6. $poll_sql ="SELECT * FROM polling WHERE id_poll='$IdDataH'";
  7. $poll_qry =mysql_query($poll_sql, $konek)
  8. or die ("Gagal menampilkan".mysql_error());
  10. $poll_data =mysql_fetch_array($poll_qry);
  12. switch ($Rbpilih){
  13.     default :
  14.     $hasil=$poll_data['hasil_a']+1;
  15.     $jawab="hasil_a=$hasil";
  16.     break;
  17.     case 'a' :
  18.     $hasil=$poll_data['hasil_a']+1;
  19.     $jawab="hasil_a=$hasil";
  20.     break;
  21.     case 'b' :
  22.     $hasil=$poll_data['hasil_b']+1;
  23.     $jawab="hasil_b=$hasil";
  24.     break;
  25.     case 'c' :
  26.     $hasil=$poll_data['hasil_c']+1;
  27.     $jawab="hasil_c=$hasil";
  28.     break;
  29. }
  31. $poll_sql2 ="UPDATE polling SET".$jawab."WHERE id_poll='$IdDataH'";
  33. $poll_qry2 =mysql_query($poll_sql2, $konek)
  34. or die ("Gagal menampilkan".mysql_error());
  36. include "index.html";
  37. ?>

can anyone have a solution about this problem ?
May 2 '11 #1
3 2283
2,322 Expert Mod 2GB
Line 31, insert a space after the SET and before the WHERE, would be my guess.
May 2 '11 #2
've tried as your suggestion but still can not.

please tell me what I should do anymore ?
May 2 '11 #3
8,658 Expert Mod 8TB
post the new error message. the mentioned missing space was clearly the one causing this error.
May 3 '11 #4

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