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How to sort the sum of columns in a delimited txt flat file?


I am stuck with this. Can anyone help me?

I have some rows in a text file. That I need: sum from selected columns and then sort the rows depending on the sum result and print the 10 larger sum results.

I have a part in this incomplete script that works but I cant put the array in this calculation. After this I try something else but there I need to sort the rows of it (depending on the sum of some columns that is being echoed.

Thanks in advance!!

data.txt is the txt that contains the records and here is the code of php:

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  2. <?php
  4. function topTenDistricts($arr, $len) {
  6. for ($i=0; $i < $len; $i++) {
  7.     for ($j=0; $j < $len-1; $j++) {
  8.         if ($arr[$j+1] > $arr[$j]) {
  9.             $temp = $arr[$j];
  10.             $arr[$j] = $arr[$j+1];
  11.             $arr[$j+1] = $temp;
  12.         }
  13.     }
  14. }
  15. for ($k=0 ; $k < $len; $k++)
  16. print($arr[$k] . "\n");
  18. }
  20. //// example of previous array sorting ->> topTenDistricts($mydata, 10);
  21. //$mydata = array();
  22. //$mydata[0] = 12;
  23. //$mydata[1] = 4;
  24. //$mydata[2] = 44;
  25. //$mydata[3] = 3;
  26. //$mydata[4] = 6;
  27. //$mydata[5] = 32;
  29. $max = 0;
  30. $file = file("data.txt");
  31. $r=0;
  32. $sum=array();
  33. foreach ($file as $line){
  34.     list($row[$r]['partno'], $row[$r]['title'], $row[$r]['color'], $row[$r]['width'], $row[$r]['length'], $row[$r]['height'], $row[$r]['time'], $row[$r]['price'], $row[$r]['place']) = split(";", $line);
  35.     $sum[r]=$row[$r]['color'] + $row[$r]['width'] + $row[$r]['length'] + $row[$r]['height'] + $row[$r]['time'] + $row[$r]['price'] + $row[$r]['place'];
  36.     //echo 'Name DD. : '.$row[$r]['title'].' | Sum : '.$sum.'<br>';
  37.     echo 'Name DD. :'.$row[$r]['title'].'with :'.$sum[r].' records<br>';
  38.     $r++;
  39.     if ($sum >= $max) {
  40.                 $max = $sum;
  41.                 $title = $row[$r]['title'];        
  42.                 }
  43.     }
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